Spread business, not germs!

Sometimes, in order to spread your business, you got to prevent the spreading of germs! Yes, we mean it. We personally consider this as an act of balancing, where you have to overthrow something to undertake another thing! Now if you hold a clinic or spa service, you can also do that, with custom sanitizers! So if you are a doctor or a spa therapist, spread your name by stopping the germs!





We are a nation of Germophobes!

Now if you are thinking about why we need hand sanitizers, this headline would give you the answer. Yes, we are a nation of Germophobes! According to the Chapman University survey of American Fears, 55.1 percent of people are “Very Afraid” of Air Pollution! And that is the seventh most popular fear of Americans. The 80th position of this survey is taken by Germs. A total of 13.2% of Americans fear Germs. This study is based on the USA. But if you take the world as a record, the statistics may blow your mind. According to the top 10 phobias of all time, Mysophobia, the fear of germs is positioned 8th! Can you believe it? Another interesting fact is that Mysophobia is closely related to OCD, Obsessive-compulsive disorder! For that reason, we now get to the conclusion that the world is getting terrified about germs every damn day, increasing the number of germophobes just like the number of germs! And another fun fact is that these germophobes are proud of being germophobes! They self-describe themselves as germophobes and are seriously proud of it!

These people take hygiene as a big deal. They wash their hands frequently, they spend excessive time spending cleaning and decontaminating; they may refuse to share personal items, and they would definitely avoid crowds and gatherings and maybe animals too! And it is crucial to say that they would hesitate for handshakes, touching the doorknobs and even for pressing the elevator buttons!

So, coming back to our point, now we know what the role of hand sanitizers in this world of germophobes is! They would definitely say accept your hand out of promotional hand sanitizer tubes unless they feel like there are germs on these tubes too! So get some cool personalized hand sanitizers for your customer now. You absolutely got options to choose! Our assortment includes sprays, gels, carabiners to wipes, lotions, and mists! Get customized hand sanitizers with your logo and brand name printed on it. Doctors can even print their names on these hand sanitizer tubes so as to get some visibility of their own!



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