When and Why to use Hand sanitizers?

When and Why to use Hand sanitizers_ (2)

Epidemics caused by viruses began in the Neolithic period, around 12,000 years ago. Contagious diseases such as small pox and measles were the first of its kind to make an entry in human communities. Then we the human race came up with vaccines to fight against these epidemics! Now with the evolution of some deadliest viruses, we have seen almost all sort of epidemics and have survived each and every one of it. But today these infections viruses are 10 times stronger than that of the ones in the old era. So we cannot actually rely on prevention as it takes a lot of time and risk at the same time. It is always advisable to stay alert with precautions in this case. Hand sanitizers, wet wipes and face masks are now taking over the industry. But even then, many from our race don’t have an idea how to spread awareness.


Why Hand Sanitizers?

The evolution of hand sanitizer happened back in 1988 and the people behind it were from the healthcare industry and restaurant industry. Nurses were looking for an alternation solution to kill germs without using soap and water. Since it took a lot of time kill germs, they needed something that could act fast. Again one more disadvantage of soap and water is that it needs wipes after cleaning which is another crisis for them. So ultimately they were looking for a simple solution that could kill the germs in 30 seconds, which will dry faster without any help of other substances. Cleaning alcohols were used as hand sanitizers at that time. This became a trend soon as it could kill the germs in less than 30 seconds. And the post-modern era took it from there creating varieties of hand sanitizers.


How to spread awareness using hand sanitizers?

We are a nation of germaphobes! According to the top 10 phobias of all time, Mysophobia, the fear of germs is positioned 8th! The best thing to do now is to spread awareness! But how? Let’s get into it.

In corporate companies, hand sanitizers can be gifted to employees. Gifting hand sanitizers will make your employees feel safe under your premise. Also, it is always better to spend a few dollars on hand sanitizers than to losing profit over employee sick leaves. Promotional hand sanitizers can be used for this purpose and the company can print their identity on these hand sanitizers.

In schools, the management can gift their students promotional clip on hand sanitizers so that kids can be safe from germs. Schools can print their logo on to these hand sanitizers as it would benefit the institution in promoting their brand. Clip on hand sanitizers can be hanged on school bag zippers; students will make use of it whenever they feel like.

In addition to hand sanitizers, anti bacterial wet wipes and face masks can also be promoted to inhibit awareness!