Top Ideas to Plan a Perfect Corporate Golf Weekend and Impress Your Clients

Mixing business with golf can be an exciting possibility for marketers. Golf can bring together diverse people for a friendly game, which in turn makes the greens a prime place for business building and team bonding.  A game of golf helps relationships grow and businesses succeed.

Tee Packs

Corporate golf weekends are great for small businesses, non-profits or corporate teams. It is a perfect way to improve their performance, work in a team more effectively and have fun learning together. Golf offers your team a relaxed day away from their work desks and help them  recharge their batteries.

A round of golf requires 4 to 5 hours to complete. It means you have a great opportunity to sell your brand to your clients among your audience; or meet them for a drink at the bar afterwards to close a deal in one afternoon!

So, how do you organize a perfect corporate golf weekend?  Here are some tips that will help you.

Find a Course

First things first! Find a course that is easily accessible and most importantly of moderate difficulty. Make sure it suits the golfing skills of even novices or first time players to make it more interesting.

 Choose a Theme

Having a theme will make your golfing event all the more interesting.  You can choose a theme like a product launch, milestone event or something else. You can also think of supporting a charity cause as your possible theme.

 What is your budget

Setting a budget makes your job half done! Make sure to allocate funds for any other fees that may be involved during the tournament.Make sure to stick to the budget.

Team apparels

Your team can be  outfitted with imprinted  Golf shirts that bear your logo, mascot or artwork. It will enhance the professional identity of your team and will attract a lot of eyeballs during the game and even after that. It will double up as a team spirit item for the crew after the event!

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Fix a game Format

To make your golf event enjoyable for the invitees or your team you need to pick up an appropriate format. If you have a lot of experienced golfers on cards, then a shotgun tournament will be a great choice as it will ensure you have a maximum number of golfers playing in the shortest amount of time. If you have a speckled team with diverse skills, you can consider formats like Scramble, or Best Ball format, where the golfers tee off and play their subsequent shots from the point where the best previous shot landed.

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Game day giveaways

You can organize fun contests both on an off the course to spice up the experience. From silent auctions to golf quiz or caption contest, you can come up with any fun game. Custom golf themed handouts for the guests and winners can include imprinted tees, golf balls, sunglasses and more. It will send home your guests with your brand in tow and it will make a lot of impressions in the days to come!

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