Attention Restaurant Marketers- Get on Your Mark for 2021 Football Promotions

Let’s be frank about it. The much awaited football season is here and it is the right time  for everyone to eat, drink and dream football! There cant be a better time for all businesses including restaurants to think of some innovative football promotions that will bring in more guests through the doors.

Sport fans cheering at bar, pub and drinking beer while championship, competition is going

The pandemic induced stay at home norm has become part of the life style for most people. So, it is likely that at least some of your patrons may be tempted to spend the football season in their living room in front of the big screen TV in the company of their friends and family, treating themselves to home made snacks and buckets of popcorn. So, to get people into your restaurants, you have to offer them something truly irresistible.

Here are a few tips that will work out for sure!

Deliver It!

Even if you don’t offer door delivery services normally, the football season could be the right time to make an  exception. Free delivery will surely be the winning card. Offer quick pick up option for guests who may not like to leave their cars. Customize your football promotions to make it more interesting and convenient for  your patrons. Customer is the king, remember?


Combo Party boxes

Bring together the big game classics of Pizza and wings in a single pack to make it easy for the game fans to indulge in their favorite snacks and also host others. You can even set up different sized combo boxes to cater different groups of people like 10, 15, 20, and so on; include drinks and desserts in this bundle offer for an effective up sell. Top it off with a  lavish spread of delicacies like fried wings, fries, deep-fried Oreos to satiate the cravings.

Football promotions need not be focused on healthy bites for a change. See how these will fly off your shelves in a flash as most home chefs may not have access to a commercial deep fryer to come up with  finely done crispies.

Custom Food Products will make your brand closer to your audience

Fun Contests and Prizes

Contests and prizes can enhance football promotions of bars and restaurants. Run daily contests and  reserve the announcement of the winners to a date after the game. It will make it more exciting for the fans to stay back through the entire game.

Caption contest is easy to organize and something everyone will enjoy. Fans will love getting creative with football slogans and taglines. Whichever caption gets the  maximum votes wins. Inform about the caption contest ahead of time to ensure maximum entries.

Need more inspiration? We shall be back with more posts in the days ahead. Make sure not to miss the updates.