How to Make your Grand Opening Successful

First impression is the best impression! A grand opening is the perfect way to leave a lasting statement among the audience while attracting footfalls to your new stores. A meticulously planned event will help businesses to create  a loyal customer base and enjoy long-term success.

Here are some useful tips to make your grand opening successful


Giveaways for limited attendees

Build up a buzz by announcing a limited time gift offer for the early shoppers. It will be a great temptation for the shoppers to visit your stores at the earliest to bag the gifts. Choose interesting custom giveaways like tumblers that are highly useful, trendy and above all will align with your business theme. Set a limit and hand out special prizes to only those customers who come early to make the offer look special.

Alternatively, business owners can give a small gift to every customer to make everyone happy. Custom pens and flash drives will make budget friendly yet  well appreciated handouts for the consumers. By choosing high utility gifts, marketers can make sure that the patrons develop brand recognition every time they use these high utility items.

 Jester Plastic Pens

Spread the word

Employ every marketing channel to announce the grand opening and get your message across early to draw interest from consumers. Social media publicity will be a budget friendly alternative to press releases and print advertisements. You can even upload pictures of the promotional products on offer so that your customers will never miss it.

Store decorations

Deck up the store front with balloons, festoons and decorations to announce the grand opening; It will help you to make your stores stand out from other businesses around and to make it easy for the customers to find you.

Qualatex Round Standard Color Latex Balloons

Choose the right time

Timing holds the cue in making your grand opening a success. Owners who fail to choose the most opportune moments may not attract foot traffic. Choose a day in the work week and ideally the grand opening time can be between 10 AM and noon. Make sure to send invitations to news agencies well in advance to ensure adequate press coverage.

Desk Calendars

Avoid holiday season and other busy retail season of the year as events held during this time wont draw much interest from customers who will be busy with their celebrations and shopping and may not have the time to visit new establishments. It is better to fix a date that wont clash with popular holidays to get the maximum attention of customers.

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