Custom Cooler Bags – Handouts for your Annual Summer Retreat

If you are yet to host this year’s annual summer retreat for your company, you still have a few more days to do that. When it comes to custom giveaways, cooler bags will make a great choice to consider.

Why custom cooler bags? Nothing says summer like cooler bags that are fun and functional alike! These are  highly practical and are something that your employees will use even outside the office. Your employees will take these handouts home and use it when they’re out and about — potentially introducing a lot more people to your brand.

Cooler pack & tumbler

The generous imprint space and the vibrant color choices will make cooler bags a potent marketing tool that is hard to miss. Available in various price rates, these giveaways make memories and positive vibes about your brand every time your recipients use it.

 Creative Customization Ideas 

Once you’ve decided on imprinted cooler bags as the giveaway for your annual summer retreat, the next step will be to customize it. Whether it is your logo, message or artwork, the objective should be to make the handouts more meaningful and unique for the recipients.

Custom Printed Game Day Cooler Seat Bags

Your Corporate Logo

Your logo is something that you cannot leave off your gifts. However, you can make it special by adding seasonal colors, summer background or motifs to make it distinctive.

Cans-To-Go Round Cooler Bags

Your Company Slogan

Add a witty or interesting tagline that will inspire people to ask about your organization in the future. A ringing tagline or a jingle will make it easy to get your audience remember your brand . You can even coin a special slogan just for the retreat that will serve as an amazing reminder of the event and get everyone excited for the next event. To make it more interesting and interactive, you can ask employees to come up with slogans and let everyone vote on their favorite!

Imprinted Express Lunch Expandable Cooler Bags

Show off the fun side of your brand

Wish to showcase your company’s fun side? Get the office jokes  printed on custom coolers to  cheer up and inspire the employees. It will enhance the feeling of oneness among the members of your team for sure.

Add a personal touch

Creative and  clever slogans and specific thank you messages will all add a personal touch to the retreat handouts.  Show what makes each of your employees valuable and praise them for it and see how warmly they reciprocate this gesture by being loyal to your brand.

Hunt Valley® 12 Can Vertical Coolers

Inspirational Quotes

Give everyone a lift at your summer event with some empowering quotes and sayings. Every time your employees see these quotes on their cooler bags they will feel inspired to be their best all year long.

Looking for more tips? Stay tuned to our blog posts or reach out to our team for fresh inspiration.