Custom Gifts to Pamper your Poodles on National Dog Day!

National Dog Day on August 26th is a perfect occasion to make the dogs feel special. The best friends of humans ever, dogs are special in their own right. It is a great day for pet owners and pet care businesses alike to reciprocate their warm feelings to the trusted companion with appropriate custom gifts.


Here are a few more tips.

Paw-some Activities

Celebrate the dogs by organizing a party, a dog fashion show or handing out custom giveaways to enhance the National Dog Day celebrations.while putting your business message on display. Make this Dog Day truly special both for your business and the wonderful dogs you cater to

.Businesses in different industries especially those in the pet care niche like dog daycare, dog training centers and veterinary services can think of interesting activities that will impress the pet owners while engaging the dogs!

Tasty Treats!

Holidays are perfect occasions to offer special treats to the dogs. Offer bone shaped pet food treat for your dogs to dig into, to keep the dogs engaged and help strengthen their teeth. You can also send some custom dog bones imprinted with your logo and message to the pet owners’ homes for the pets. This will be a thoughtful gesture to spread the love to dogs outside of your care and get some free publicity among other dog owners in the area.

Custom Imprinted Doggie Bags with Dog Bones

A photo shoot

Nothing excites a pet owner than having pictures of their dog. Arrange a  professional photo shoot for each dog in your care that will leave both the pet owners and the dogs excited. You can even share these snaps on your business’s blog or social media as well.

Candid photos of dogs in their jovial and playful mood will melt the heart of everyone – irrespective of whether they are pet lovers or not! Customers will have the best keepsakes of the day while the dogs will have a blast and your business gets free publicity. It’s a true win for everyone!

Give Custom pet Gifts

Custom pet supplies  have always been a proven way for pet care businesses to get their name out. So, can there be a better option to celebrate national Dog day than to have your brand on some of the favorite pet giveaways. Whether you choose a custom bandana to style up the furry friends, pet accessory bags or pet food for their next outing with their dads, your recipients will remember these thoughtful gifts that they would love to show off to their friends.

 Printed 22 Inch Large Triangle Bandanas

Host your own dog party

Nothing can equal the limitless love that dogs  show to their families. Pet care businesses can reach out to the pet lovers by organizing a fun party for the poodles

Rent Out Your Local Dog Park

Rent out your local park for a day to ensure a lot of outdoor space for your party dogs. Make sure to clean-up the park stays during and after the party. Custom  waste disposal bag dispensers will make great handouts to help volunteers to clean up after the dogs.

Custom Printed Dog Bag Dispenser With Flashlight

Games and Toys

From balls to frisbees, tennis balls, and rope toys there are planet of toys that the animals would love. Get these imprinted with your logo and greetings to make handouts for the guests at the end of the party. These will make really special souvenirs for the dog owners while being the favorite toys of the dogs.

The best part is that these toys will get a lot of attention every time you take the pets out on the beach or the park during holidays and your business will get the much desired word of mouth publicity.

Zing Ring Flyers

Food and water

With all the excitement and play time around the party dogs  may need a few extra treats to keep them energized till the end. Custom party-branded doggy treats are tasty and nutritious alike and comes in handy packets that party-goers will find useful throughout the party and back home.

Printed Grand Tin with Dog Bones

Custom drinking bowls will make sure that adequate water is provided so the dogs can stay hydrated. Choose from various models like collapsible water bowls or set up stationary watering areas.

H2O On the Go Pet Bowls

Dogs, treat the humans special every moment, all their lives! National Dog day will make a great time to return the favor by giving the dogs  a little extra love. Every single gesture counts, Whether you are walking the dogs, tending to the sick, or grooming them while their masters work all day, pet care services deserve to have some extra fun on this National Dog Day along with the pets!