9 Great Party Tips To Make Your Sorority Events A Success

Organizing a sorority party with your sisters is loads of fun. There’s nothing quite as exciting as adding a close friend or family member to the list of sisters that pledges your same sorority.

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These Greek life party organizations take pride in having a sizeable crowd of diverse and loyal women from all walks of life. No matter which type of sorority party your chapter is planning to organize ,  make sure that the party night turns out to be extra special.

Here are some of the best known rope tricks to pull off a sorority event without busting your budget.

1.Choose a Theme

Picking up a great theme is the first step of planning your GREEK formal. Think of new and creative themes instead of opting for those outdated themes that have been used for eons or being a copy cat of somebody else’s theme. Put your heads together , discuss with every group member  or conduct a poll to come up with a theme that is approved by everyone in the group.

Every sister will feel that they’ve had a say in choosing the event while you are rest assured that you have a winning theme on hand. Choose a date that is convenient for everyone and that doesn’t clash with exam weeks and other events like fraternity formals. Plan well in advance and choose a weekend to give everyone a little time to relax and clear the hazy party heads!

2.A great Location

If your chapter has a spacious house that can handle this epic event, it will be a great option. In case you are looking for a fresh venue make sure that the it is big enough to accommodate all the guests.

Entertainment and refreshment options need to be taken care of as well! Choose a location that matches your theme and party needs above all enhance the fun element of the party night.


If you have a meager social budget which may not cover all the expenses, you can charge a nominal ticket amount from the housemates that won’t leave them money pinched. Get everyone RSVP and sell tickets during online sign up or at the entrance of the venue.

4.Food and Drink

Spare a thought at your party themes. Is it going to be cocktail party or a formal sit-down dinner, you should have ample space for the party revelers. Ensure comfortable seating arrangements and event tables. An open bar with a bartender will be a smart option for those sisters who are above the age of 21

5.Fun and entertainment -and more of it!

Entertainment is the biggest crowd puller in sorority parties. A DJ can keep the fun tide on and drive up the party mood. You can even hire a stand-up comedian from your school group to show that you care about other student organizations too!


Group transportation is the safest option while hosting your formal to ensure safety of the members. Charter a bus to shuttle all the guests to and from the venue.


Why not choose a classy décor that matches with the theme but will leave the guests awestruck? Think of something simple and elegant like customized tablecloths, candles, and centerpieces that will get all eyes on to your message easily.

8.Do not forget the camera

Make sure that you miss nothing out during this greatest event by bringing a camera to capture and freeze these moments into posterity. Hiring a Photographer is another great choice as it will ensure that the sisters can have a carefree fun party all the while ensuring that the best snapshots are being compiled.


Party favors are a rage in every party and sorority events are no different. Personalized cups,    T shirts or can coolers are fabulous choices.

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Get these customized with the event info, mascot or taglines and these keepsakes will be something that people will love to use. It will indeed be a thoughtful way to give your guests something special to take home as your event souvenir.

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Planning a formal party need not be stressful and time consuming. At the end of it all, what people really remember most is the good time they had with some special friends. By following the above tips you can make your sorority party a big hit!