Why Promoting Workplace Wellness is Important

At a time when the world is fighting off the Corona virus scare employers can review the office wellness methods and their preparedness  in handling health emergencies. A healthy work place is a happy work place, It will not just cut down on the medical costs of the companies but will  also create a more productive work force.

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Workplace wellness is an investment that pays you off multiple times. By implementing a healthy work environment you get many benefits; some of which are listed below.

Fewer absences: Companies with a good wellness track record reports only a fewer employees reporting sick, which means better productivity

More engagement: Employees who feel better will be more engaged in their work, Reports show that 80% of employees at companies with wellness programs  felt that they are being taken care of by their employers.

Employee wellness program are recruitment tools

 By 2025, millennials are expected to make up 75 percent of the workforce. Millennials  choose work places on the basis of better appreciation and care rather than a bigger pay check. By offering a solid wellness program , your company will have a competitive edge against your competitors in getting the best work force.

Businesses that show potential employees that they make substantial investments for their well-being will attract top talents to their organizations. They will indeed have a winning edge over companies that offer only bare-bones benefits.

Employees  Prefer wellness programs.

Surveys show that about 59.4% of employees think employers should strive to improve the health of their workers. This opinion supports the idea of corporate involvement in the health care of employees. Companies can highlight their employee friendly profile by developing wellness methodologies and infrastructure now.

Reduce health care costs: A sick team will cost you more money due to loss of productivity. When organizations have effective wellness program, a significant fall in health costs and payouts for the employees has been reported. Studies show that 70% of employers that offered a workplace wellness program yielded a 150% return on investment.

Wellness increases adaptability

Reports show that employees that are fit and happy were 45% more likely than other employees to adapt to change. When organizations change to global standards  of excellence faster than ever before, it is important to have an adaptable team that will keep up with the pace.

Adaptable employees don’t get stressed about the changes in their job scope or responsibilities. They will be keen to master new skills and rise up to the occasion. Adaptable employees don’t need to pushed and pressurized to get the job done, they will be proactive and show indomitable leadership skills.

Implementing employee wellness programs need not be difficult or expensive. Here are some interesting tips that can be implemented at your work place right away.

Offer free gym memberships: Help your employees to save on the gym memberships by getting them free gym memberships in a local gym. Your team will surely appreciate this thoughtful gesture and will be brand pride for a long time. Growing brand loyalty need not be complex. It is these motivating steps that add up to their loyalty

Start a fitness challenge: Try a sincere effort to change the office culture by starting  an office-wide fitness challenge to motivate the team to ditch their cars and walk more or switch to homely meals from takeaways. Offer prizes and incentives for the employees who participate. It is a fun way to convince your team about the importance of healthy living and prepare them for changes.

Provide healthy snacks: Your office pantry can provide wholesome snacks like granola bars instead of candies and chocolate. Replacing soda with water is an easy way to remind your employees of the value of healthy living. Metal water bottles will make it easy for your employees to stay hydrated wherever they go while wheat straw lunch  sets  will inspire them to go green and relish homely meals all at once.

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Health and wellness items: Hand out custom wellness items like hand sanitizers, wet wipes . exercise bands or jump ropes to inspire  your team to be more health conscious.

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You can think of many such interesting wellness programs to make your team healthy and happy both at work and beyond.