5 Interesting Ways To Celebrate A Perfect Spring Break

The onset of spring is a time to rejoice and plan a spring break party for over 2 million American youth. Parties, travel, adventure and more- Spring break party ideas might take people wherever they like!


Spring break holiday revenue pitched at over $1 billion makes it a great day for retailers and businesses as well. These handy tips will help you to tie up the loose ends while planning a spring break party.

A great start matters

Well begun is half done! Explore to find a perfect spot that you and your friends will enjoy. Think beyond the common hangout spots. It need not be travel and trips all the time. If you fancy a lazy weekend and Netflix fun, do it your way. Choose destinations that your friends have always been fancying about while planning a trip.

Frugal Budgeting

Budget your trip nicely to make it stress free. You should draw out a clear plan on how much you will spend on flights, hotels, meals, drinks, and shopping. Make sure to stick to the budget so that you do not end up overstepping your budget and dig into the reserve money.

Pack up

Travel light all the while carrying all the basic essentials. Some of the items that you should throw in to your travel bags include sunglasses, light weight jackets, flash lights, safety whistles, sunscreen, hats and change of dress.

Custom T shirts are a fun way to show off! Choose a tagline, artwork or spring break anthem to complete the feel. Party makers will love to get matching and customized outfits for their group of friends. It will help them stand out and easily spot other group members in the crowd.

Port and Company® Essential T-Shirts

Dry duffel bags will be a sensible way to pack stuff and stay safe even when the weather is far from perfect.


Make sure to carry your spring break playlist to jive to your heart’s content. A water proof wireless speaker is the best way to enjoy your favorite tunes at the beach, pool or even the shower! Jam out at the hottest spots and have a party -no holds barred!

Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speakers

Playing cards or Frisbees are great for groups as well. Increase the bonding and drive up the fun of the party with these fun toys.

Floating Inflatable Pink Flamingo Beverage Coasters that can hold 12 Oz can or stadium cup filled with your favorite beverage is a great way to add up to the pool party fun and keep your favorite beverages at easy access.

Floating Inflatable Pink Flamingo Beverage Coasters

Glowing swizzle sticks will add a fun twist to your cocktail hours as these light up in the dark. They’re great for a Hawaiian or tropical-themed party.

Glowing Swizzle Sticks

Make sure to pack a camera to look back on all the memories you make. There’s no better way to spread the spring break fun across your social media platforms and be an instagram star overnight!

Staying safe

Spring Break is all about cutting loose and having fun. However, make sure to stay responsible by following the rules of the land and being courteous of other cultures and lifestyles. Also move around in groups and stay aware of your surroundings. Whistle Key-Light with Compass which features a flashlight, safety whistle and compass will make a great spring party favor for your group. Personalize it with your message and your members will have a perfect reminder to carry home

Whistle Key-Light with Compass

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