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PPE for Schools

PPE for Schools

PPE For Schools – Make A Safe And Sound Start Of The New School Year

Personal protective equipment kits for schools will not just keep the students and staff healthy and safe but make the transition back to the class room mode easier. How to reopen safely continues to be a challenge for school administration. It is crucial to have the right personal safety items at the start of the school year to be prepared for the unexpected! ProImprint has a complete line of PPE for schools at every price rate. We offer the lowest price match guarantee, FREE set up and artwork assistance on every order and much more! 

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PPE For Schools – Find The Best Supplies For A Healthy Classroom!

Schools can choose from a wide assortment of back to school personal protective equipment (PPE) items. Whether it is facemasks, hand sanitizers or gloves, these custom PPE supplies will help your students, staff and teachers to function normally and safely during this difficult time. Most of our School PPE items can be customized with your school’s colors or mascot to make it appealing. We also have blank items.

Ensuring and enforcing personal hygiene in younger children is easier said than done. Kids like to play and mess around, which could expose them to germs, which in turn may get passed over to surfaces in class rooms, play grounds or break rooms. Disposable masks and reusable masks with cute prints can be made part of their uniform till the pandemic scare persists. Travel size hand sanitizers or carabiner models are ideal to keep the busy hands of the little ones clean and hygienic the whole day. Full color awareness magnets is a smart choice that will make it easy for kids to follow the safety tips and social distancing norms in place. Options are limitless.

Should you have any queries on School PPE supplies, just give us a call at 844-776-4677 or email us at info@proimprint.com and we can help you find a perfect option in no time.