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Custom Individual Chocolates

Custom Individual Chocolates

Individual Chocolates will Give Them Food for Thought on Your Business Message

Custom individual chocolates make thoughtful gifts and giveaways to celebrate and appreciate special moments and to make a lasting impression among your customers. Ideal for seasonal promotional campaigns, end of year sale offers and trade shows, individual printed chocolates can be used to promote hotels, restaurants, kids’ stores, sports leagues and more. ProImprint has a range of promotional individual chocolates of various types and prices to match your brand promotional needs. Shop at the one stop shop of ProImproint to choose custom printed chocolates that match your brand identity and avail the lowest price benefits, FREE set up and artwork assistance on every order, discounts on bulk purchase, rush orders, quick shipping and much more! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! Hurry!

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Promotional Chocolate Coins with Full Color Decal
as low as $0.47
Order as low as: 500 Pcs
Model: PI36189
Logo Imprinted Picasso Gift Boxed 2 Oz Chocolate...
as low as $4.76
Order as low as: 50 Pcs
Model: PI64150
1 Oz Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars
as low as $1.06
Order as low as: 250 Pcs
Model: PI64147
Custom Imprinted 1 Oz Venetian Chocolate Gift Box
as low as $1.59
Order as low as: 200 Pcs
Model: PI64148
Custom Individually Wrapped Chocolate Hearts
as low as $0.39
Order as low as: 500 Pcs
Model: PI36190
Promotional Monet Medallion Chocolate Tins
as low as $4.77
Order as low as: 50 Pcs
Model: PI64149
Promotional Hershey Kiss Singles
as low as $0.23
Order as low as: 1000 Pcs
Model: PI36191
Custom Printed Chocolate Squares with 24 Molds
as low as $0.78
Order as low as: 250 Pcs
Model: PI64146

Individual Chocolates are Sure to Please Your Customers and Drive Up Your Brand

Personalized individual chocolates are universally appealing and can readily connect to just about any type of audience. These can’t go wrong in strengthening up your customer relations either. Chocolate is a priceless way to promote any business that will help you generate a quick interest in your brand.

People love to have a handful of chocolates in their back pack when they travel and this will give your brand an extra mileage and distance in terms of visibility. Reinforce your brand image with these custom individual chocolates that will create an instant rapport and emotional connection with your customers. Chocolates make the middle names of indulgence and sheer pleasure while celebrating relations and milestones.

You can’t go wrong in giving away these personalized chocolates as these make phenomenal promotional gifts that can reach out to all types of customers irrespective of gender, age and geographical barriers. Every time they open these logo printed individual chocolates, your brand enjoys a grand display as much as they get sheer indulgence!

These promotional individual chocolates can be included in gift baskets and mailers and sent out during festive sales or promotional campaigns to your esteemed clientele to keep your brand name in their memory forever. Your logo imprinted on the bright colored wrappers will never fail to attract their attention and appreciation while they savor the treat you sent them. How can they possibly ignore the warmth of your promotional campaign when you take utmost care to make them feel appreciated?

Not many gifts trigger such a positive reaction from the recipients as personalized individual chocolate. Give out these delicious flavors to build relations and a loyal customer base with ease. ProImpt offers loads of individual chocolates and there is something special for everyone here. Just browse along to find a sweet chocolate delight that suits your needs. Should you need any assistance or shopping tips, just call us at 844-776-4677 or email us at and we will love to assist you.