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Custom Hard Candy

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Custom Hard Candy

Give Yet Another Sweet Reason to Remember Your Business Brand with Personalized Logo Hard Candy

Custom imprinted hard candy makes great giveaways at fairs, promotional campaigns and trade show booth display. Delicious and offered in a range of tastes, promotional hard candies will surely draw your customers like moths to light! ProImprint has a delightful collection of individually wrapped printed hard candy which will put your logo on their lips always. Shop with us and make your brand promotion a sweet deal. We have the lowest price benefits, FREE set up and artwork assistance on every order, discounts on bulk purchase, rush orders, quick shipping and much more for you! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! Hurry, good times never last long!

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Clear/White/Blue/Light Blue/Brown/Black/Yellow
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Ocean Blue
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Clear/Black/Red/Blue/Orange/Green/Light Blue
Clear/Yellow/Red/Blue/Light Yellow
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250 Pcs for $492.49

Keep Your Brand Name on Their Lips with Custom Logo Printed Hard Candies

Custom hard candy is an appetizing way to drive up your brand appeal among your customers. Individually wrapped in colorful packs, personalized hard candies make irresistible promotional giveaways to promote hotels, restaurants, wellness programs, concerts and sports leagues among others. These also make thoughtful tokens of appreciation for your employees and as wedding favors and birthday gifts.

Promotional hard candy is sure to get people drawn to your brand. The generous imprint area that carries your brand will make your logo as delectable and sweet as the contents inside the wrapper! Pick up these sweet business builders from ProImprint and fill gift bags with these colorful wrapped hard candies to distribute for your forthcoming events like summer camps, store openings, etc. as these goody bags will leave the sweet toothed customers floored in no time!

Ideal for the young and young at heart, personalized logo imprinted hard candy will never lose its charm in promotional gift ideas. Well suited for all reasons and seasons, hard candy makes a wonderful option to infuse charm to your brand image. Put your logo, artwork or business slogans on the brightly colored wraps of hard candy to make your brand appetizing.

ProImprint has an impressive selection of discount hard candy varieties to cater to your diverse brand promotional needs and tastes. Hard candies are available in various yummy flavors and are offered in bags, tins, gift sets, rolls, etc. You can even gift custom hard candy to the top performing employees or your sports league to let your brand get lapped up by the candy crazy outside world!

No matter what your promotional needs are, logo imprinted hard candy is undeniably the sweetest way to make your brand more delectable among your customers. ProImprint has loads of custom hard candies in attractive shapes, colors and prices to give your brand promotion oodles of sweetness! Shop today to choose a hard candy that suits your needs or should you need shopping tips, just call us at 844-776-4677 or email us at info@proimprint.com and we can help you choose the best options.