Wow Customers In The New Year With Custom Stationery

Start the  New Year by promoting your brand with functional stationery gifts for your employees, customers and stakeholders.

Have you thought about using custom stationery as your giveaways this year? If not discover the benefits of these high utility promotional products.

Monthly Planners

Your clients and employees will indeed find it easy to do their monthly planning with planners, Apart from offering a generous amount of space, planners are portable,  stylish and easy to carry around. It can also be customized with your logo and artwork.

Desk calendars

Get 365 days of brand promotions at one time investment with custom desk calendars while your recipients can stay organized and be on target. The clean layout and clear labeling will make sure that your recipients wont  miss their appointments.


Ideal to make quick notes, daily tasks and reminders, notepads will put your brand in plain sight of the audience for a long time. Add your logo , message and corporate colors to round off the profile of these desk accessories.

Sticky notes

Most people cannot survive without these cute and colorful notes that  help them plan their day with ease. Ideal to doodle and note down reminders and little notes, sticky notes obviously will add a pop of fun colors to the dreary mechanized work stations of modern offices. 


Increase brand exposure:  Custom stationery items are strong yet silent marketing tools that never stop working for your brand. Just imagine the exposure your brand and message on these stationery items will get wherever the user goes.

Customer engagement : Providing these everyday items as custom gifts also means that your  brand will stay on top of mind of the audience. Thus they will find it easy to reach out to you for their future shopping needs.

Value added gifts : These premium corporate gifts are useful as they serve a functional purpose. Ideal for personal notes and task planning,  these stationery items  turn out to be highly useful for your audience and your brand all at once.

Cost effective: Stationery items provide great return on investment as these are long lasting and budget friendly. So, if you are looking for a great marketing tool to increase brand awareness, look no further.

Relevant: Stationery items like notebook and calendar are highly relevant for the initial months of the New Year when your clients have  a lot of planning and writing to do. Thus handing out a high utility gift  that people need is the best way  for your brand to stay relevant.

To sum up

How do you plan to successfully promote your brand with these functional, promotional products that add value to your brand? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.