Trending Cooling Towels That Will Impress Your Prospects

Now that the football frenzy is at its crescendo and the big game is only a few days away, it is time to invest in football themed giveaways like cooling towels.

Hit your marketing goals with custom cooling towels that will make your  brand stand out from the rest  in the stands and beyond!

Why do we love these Promotional Towels?

They’re Trendy 

Available in various bright colors and sizes, these giveaways will obviously enjoy a great demand among the sports community and outdoorsy crowd.

They’re Useful

Giving away a promotional product that people will surely use will make a lot of difference in your brand outreach. Your brand printed on cooling towels will engage your audience and make them brand loyal in the long run.

They’re Unusual

Custom cooling towels are not a common handout that your prospects may get every other day. Some people may not have used  or seen a cooling towel before and will surely be intrigued by it. They will be excited to show off to their friends. Thus choosing a promotional product that is a bit different will work well in driving your brand reputation!

They’re Easy To Brand

In addition, cooling towels have a  large surface for you to create a design your prospects will remember. You can  make these as interesting as you wish. Better the design, greater will be the impact it will have on brand recall. It can even be customize with your  favorite football team to celebrate the super Bowl excitement. Just think of the spectacle these brilliantly colored towels will create in the stands as the  fans wave  these towels. It will even double up as a game day swag for your sports fans!


We can certainly call custom cooling towels as a practical handout because  it is something that everyone needs in their daily life. Whether it is on road trips, beach holiday or game days, cooling towels will make a cool choice for the outdoorsy crowd to stay fresh even on a scalding hot day. Just be sure that your towels have great designs so it would go well with every dressing style of the recipients.

Summing up

Branded cooling towels are a surefire way to improve your brand as a whole. It will engage your audience with your brand and sustain your business. If you wish to spread brand awareness without being intrusive, cooling towels will make a great choice.

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