Why you Should Add Branded Water Bottles to your Promotional Swag

As long as the importance of drinking water will not change, the significance of  promotional water bottles too will remain high! Staying adequately hydrated is the corner stone of a healthy life style and existence for all living organisms including humans. That is the reason that makes imprinted water bottles relevant marketing giveaways all round the year.


A trendy water bottle will make a highly appreciated gift choice for your audience. The best part is that these high utility and versatile promotional gifts are well suited for all types of events and business promotions and to reach out to every genre of audience.

So, if you are  not quite sure on how to spend the promotional dollars during this season, invest in  custom water bottles, which is on an upward trend.

 Everglade Frosted Tritan™ Bottles

Practical giveaways

People use water bottles on a daily basis- at work, at home, on the bus, on the beach and road trips. It is this high utility that makes custom water bottles a hotly favored gift choice for  your clients. It is a great way to out your brand out there without being on their face. Explore the limitless customization options to turn these logo imprinted water bottles the best handouts in town!

 So how can you use the popularity or water bottles to your advantage?

Get your brand  and message printed all over to stand out and grab easy attention of everyone around. Interestingly, water bottle often change hands during events like concerts and festivals and your message will thus get into a wider audience group without any effort from your end.

Imprinted Coleman® Switch Stainless Steel Hydration Bottles

Imprint options

A bold, stand out print will be seen by everyone and will leave a lasting impression. Simplicity can often be key. Resist the temptation of putting in too much information that will only leave the recipients distracted and baffled. Make your message short, sweet and interesting. Think out of the box by getting fun quotes or puzzles imprinted to engage your audience with your message in a jovial manner.

Promotional message with a heavy marketing pitch might turn off the audience and fail to deliver the results that you expect. A subtle and interesting approach will be a better way to inspire the audience,

Printed Machinist Aluminum Bottles

Choose innovative models

Leave your mark  by choosing a bottle that’s a little less mainstream. Choose bottles with unique shapes, colors or features to make it interesting for your audience. Our collection include  tons of interesting bottles including self sanitizing water bottles for the post pandemic new normal world to party bottles with speakers and  many other interesting models.

HD-200 Self-Sanitizing 17 Oz Water Bottles With UV-C Light Cap

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