Smart Tips To Help Your Remote Employees Beat Their Monday Blues

Let’s be frank about it! Monday mornings are not fun. With the start of a long week ahead and the weekend hangover still lingering around, the start of the working week can be boring for most employees especially in the present context of working away from offices. However, with a bit of preparation, anyone can easily turn around the Monday blues to make the day interesting.

Here are some tips that will help your team to make a Monday feel more like a Friday!



Let the employees start their day on a relaxed note. If they are hard pressed for a spell of meditation or yoga, it can be something small as scrolling through Instagram, or reading the newspaper while  eating the breakfast.


A healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is the best way to make a great start as it will give your employees the energy to work without having to fetch the grubs often to keep hunger pangs at bay!

Cup of Joe

Coffee or tea can boost up the day and  make the working hours livelier.

Ceramic mug

Plan the Favorite Lunch

A great lunch to look forward to is something keeps everyone excited. Your employees can get their favorite meals ready for the lunch break or order something that they haven’t had for a long time. Your custom lunch containers should come handy for the team to store their favorite snacks and meals

Plan the Week

Chop down the weekly tasks into small to-do list for each day, which will make it appear interesting and easier to accomplish. Promotional handouts like imprinted notebook imprinted with the company logo and message will inspire them to carry out this task more efficiently. A nice printed pen or customized pencil wouldn’t be missed either.  It will help them to tick off things that are completed and end the day with a shorter list will make the team feel accomplished.

Metal Ballpoint Pens

Interact with the rest of the team

Employees should be encouraged to stay connected with the rest of the team online to discuss points and brainstorm ideas. It will enhance the productivity of the working hours and will make them feel happy and proud at the end of the day.


Stay motivated

Inspirational quotes on the work desks, a snap shot of the family or their pets will all pep up the day and give more beauty to even a low key start on a typical Monday morning. Count your blessings and stay thankful for everything you have. It is a great way to stay upbeat and happy all day.

Last but not the least do your best and leave the rest!

Hopefully you might find these tips useful to make your week the most productive. Happy Monday!