Staff Appreciation Gift Ideas Fit for Every Boss

Employees are the corner stones of any successful organization. Making them feel valued and well appreciated will go a long way in making them brand loyal and productive. Happy employees translate to successful business ventures. There are lots of ways to  show your employees that you appreciate their effort and that you value their good work.

Here are some staff appreciation custom gifts that will help you go that extra mile in keeping your team valued.

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Positive Feedback

Though it might seem like an obvious one, most employers fail to make their team members valued for having done a good job. So, if you have been adopting a policy of being thrifty in praising your crew, it is time to shower them with genuine praise in public. It will go a long way in motivating the rest of the team as well.

A pat at the back or a personal note of appreciation will all make them more motivated to raise the yard sticks and do their personal best consistently. Plus it will make a more positive company culture as well. Remember, your simple gesture of showing gratitude for all of the hard work that they have put in will go a lot further than you think.

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A Bulletin Board

Showcase the accomplishments of your team, appreciate the members and make them feel valued with a bulletin board on the wall. It will not just make the employees feel happy but will leave a statement among the clients who may drop into your office.

Having a public announcement of the good work is done by team members is a budget friendly way to convey your appreciation. A bulletin board is indeed an old fashioned yet proven way to boost motivation and employee happiness on a day-to-day basis.

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Employee appreciation gifts

Custom employee giveaways are a crucial part of your marketing plan. Whether it is rewards for the top performing members, incentives or custom gifts for the whole team, promotional swag is a great option. Choose high quality handouts with practical use to make sure that these are put to use regularly.

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Choose from a wide range of custom gifts including branded Bluetooth speaker to apparels and logo drinkware items for your employees. These gifts will not just make your employees feel appreciated but winning a reward will inspire each of your employees to do their best.

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Corporate luncheon parties

Hosting your employees to a corporate  lunch can be a great opportunity for employee engagement. It will not just make them feel valued but will also enhance your company culture and brand image as well. Corporate luncheon parties that ensure a one-on-one appreciation experience has a lot of value in today’s corporate world.  The best part is that  it will get a lot of attention in the social media and among the prospective job seekers.

If you fancy a fun twist to it, you can even hire food trucks, or choose the team’s favored foods to host a lunch party in the office pantry. A catered meal isn’t your only option either. Just install a new  coffee machine or snack bar that your best teams have access to. We bet, in employee appreciation ideas nothing beats free food!


Need more tips?  Watch this space for more blog posts and be popular among your team members.