Promotional Pens Make  your Prospects Remember Your Brand

Most marketers consider promotional pens as an alternative, or an addition to customary publicity items like billboard and newspaper ads. However, did you know that custom pens make effective stand-alone logo items to promote your business?  Take a look at the multiple ways imprinted pens can work for your brand.


Low Cost Per Impressions

Though impressions can be expensive to generate in conventional methods like print ads or TV advertisements, every day promotional gifts such as pens can generate impressions at a low cost. Custom pens make an incredible number of brand impressions with every use when your recipients see your message imprinted on it or when different people happen to see it over the course of time.

PPAI Research studies show that 73% of people used a promotional gift at least once a week.

The frequency of usage will go up manifold in the case of high utility handouts like custom pens. Cost effective to produce, custom pens can create very low-cost impressions for your business. Higher the frequency of exposure, lower will be the cost of each impression for the advertiser.

Wheat Writer Dart Pens

Wide range of choices

Custom pens are available in a wide range of models including executive pens, stylus pens, wheat  pens and a lot more that can be easily matched with the budget and the needs of the users. You can even choose antimicrobial pens  to suit the new normal world needs.

Satin Pens with Antimicrobial Additive

Higher Recall

Studies show that a higher percentage of participants could recall the name of an advertiser on a promotional product versus a newspaper ad. Thus logo gifts are better positioned at generating brand recall than other conventional  forms of marketing . This is because branded gifts tend to be used again and again by one person, which in turn will result in a higher level of brand exposure.  High utility gifts like custom pens are indeed a great way to ensure that your brand will be not just seen, but remembered as well.

Tipper Stylus Pens

Why Pens?

Pens are items that everyone needs in their everyday lives. Whether it is at home, school or office, custom pens get consistent usage, which in turn will create regular impressions and enhance the brand recall.Freeport Ballpoint Pens and Stylus

When you choose printed pens as your company’s branded gift, you have an item that most people are likely to find useful, and something they will keep and use. Therefore pens have the potential to create high numbers of impressions and better recall, at a low price.