2021 Trends on Custom Apparels and Bags for Men

Though fashion and females go hand in hand, it will be worth exploring men’s fashion trends when you are investing in custom apparels as promotional gifts to connect with a diverse audience. Retro trends like stone wash, skinny jeans and neon colors have been the latest trends in men’s wear that will help you get on top of the game and make your team stand out.

Here are some of the fashion trends that can be added to your apparel line.


Vintage hats

Hats with a vintage flare like fedora hats or classic hats in dark colors will make a great choice. Get your logo and message embroidered or imprinted to make it  unique and interesting.

Fold And Go Outdoor Hats


A classic addition to  any wardrobe, imprinted t- shirts will get your message out in style. Whether you wish to use it as game day souvenirs or trade show swag, your team will be excited to flaunt their corporate colors with ease.

 Men's Parima Long Sleeve Tech Tee

 Running belts

A must have for the outdoorsy men audience, custom running belts are indeed back with a bang. Equally popular among women as well, running belts offer the ultimate hands-free toting convenience during picnics and game days. Choose from a wide range of models including those with safety accents that are well suited for night bikers and trekkers .

Heathered Running Belts

 Messenger bags

Leave the heavy briefcase behind — messenger bags are in! Apart from offering the ultimate hands- free convenience, messenger bags are a top favorite who commute by bike or public transport. Versatile and ideal for both work, weekend trips or commute, messenger bags are available in a wide range of color choices.

Rhythm Messenger Bags

Ecofriendly fashion

The fashion industry has been deeply rooted in sustainable trends in recent times. From recycled materials to natural fibers  to water-saving decor methods and more , you can choose from a wide range of ecofriendly models to be part of the cause.

Organic cotton blends are sustainable apparel choices that are trending. Choose from a wide range of models like crew neck tee to polo shirts and dress shirts among others. Your clients and employees will have a lot of solid reasons to celebrate their  ecofriendly traits apart from  having the latest apparels when they receive these apparels.

Men's Barela Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

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