Branded Travel Mugs – Things You Need To Know!

Promotional travel mugs make popular and crowd pleasing handouts for some really good reasons.  Tumblers are practical handouts that will make lives easier for your recipients while showcasing your message in style. Designed to keep the favorite brew of your recipients fresh and carry it wherever they go, these drinkware items will also help them save money and the countless trips to the pricey coffee houses!


However, here are a few things that you need to know to get the most out of your branded merchandise.

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Travel mugs are available in many types of materials like Plastic, Ceramic, Glass, Stainless Steel etc. Choose a model that meets the needs of the users and your promotional plan with ease. Plastic and metal mugs are sleek and handy and are easy to customize.

Furthermore, most steel thermal mugs can be laser engraved to ensure a sophisticated feel. However, steel may affect the taste of the beverage inside. So, if you are looking for a material that wont retain leftover flavors, glass tumblers will make a superb choice. However, on the flip side, these may not be ideal for rough usage and require care while handling.

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Shape and Structure

The metal travel mug that you choose should be strong enough as these are meant to hold beverages that are both scalding hot or frosty cold. Ideally it should be  sturdy against drops and scrapes on the go  while keeping your favorite beverage at the perfect temperature! It should be large enough to cater to the hydration needs of the users all the while being sleek and fitting comfortably into car Holders.

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The Cap

A spill resistant cap is a very important feature to consider while choosing travel tumblers. A screw lid is the best option as it will keep the content safe and well sealed even while on the move.


Tumblers with drinking spouts are optimum for fluids such as coffee and tea while you may need a wide mouthed tumbler if you plan to carry soup with chunks in it. So, make sure to choose a model and a capacity that will meet the needs of the users to get optimum benefit out of your promotional giveaway.

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Need more tips or assistance? If you are in doubt, please feel free to call our  product specialists to make a well informed decision . Happy shopping!