Custom Food and Candy- Gifts  that will Never Fail to Please your Audience

Are you hungry for a successful marketing campaign? Look no further than custom food and candy gifts to get your message across and engage your audience with your brand. It’s official!  Nobody can resist free food giveaways!


Promotional candies and chocolate are a short cut to the hearts of your audience. Snacking has become part of the life style for most people around the world. Whether on the move, while watching TV or in the middle of a game of cards,  a quick grub is always welcome for most people. Turn these snack times  into perfect opportunities to promote your brand  through custom food and candy gifts.

Let’s be frank about it! A free snack is never forgotten so will be the event and the brand associated with this delightful experience. Whether it is a product launch, a milestone celebration or a trade show, any time is perfect for choosing custom food and candy gifts as giveaways. Everyone will simply love it irrespective or gender or age!

Swirl Lollipop with Round Label

The sweetest option

Logo printed food and candy gifts are available in a wide range of tempting types and flavors. From soft candies to pretzels, chocolate, lollipops, mints, M&Ms and a lot more, candies can be cleverly incorporated into any promotional theme.

No matter whether you wish to go for these small individual candies as parade throw, chocolate bars as mailer giveaways or tins of goodies as store promotional gifts, we have all these and more here. Available in a almost every shape, packing and flavor, food and candy gifts are easy to distribute and customize as well. You can even get your logo imprinted right on the chocolate bars to put your name right at the tip of their tongues literally!

ChocElope Chocolate Bars


Promotional mints win hands down as restaurant giveaways, trade show swag  and more. Available in every size and package shape you can imagine, mints are a perfect size product for every occasion.

Dice Signature Peppermint Tins


Snacks like pretzels and popcorn are hot favorites in office pantries and near coffee vending machines as nobody can take their hands off these crispy delights that will help them get going on a long , boring day at work.

Imprinted Popcorn Box

Explore our complete line of edible treats your recipients may like to nibble on and use it to your promotional advantage. The best part is that custom food and candy gifts evoke happy memories and positive emotions in the minds of your audience, which will go a long way in enhancing their loyalty towards your brand.

How do you plan to use custom food and candy gifts to sweeten up your marketing promotions?