Why Silicone Phone Wallets Make Perfect Giveaways For Product Launch

Guess what custom silicone phone wallets can do for your product launch? Whether you believe it or not, these everyday items will ensure perfect brand positioning, practical value, and immense brand exposure at one time investment.

Small and easy to use , custom phone wallets will make a big promotional impact.

Building up a buzz is essential during product launch. By choosing freebies like phone wallets you have something useful, fashionable and above all long-lasting.  These tech accessories will double up as a souvenir for your brand and leave the best first impression right from the start.

Made of sturdy silicone and offered in  a palette of colors, these phone wallets  are easy to stick on the back of the phones, with so much ease. Choose from various models including wallets with phone stands or earbud slots among others.

Designed with the convenience of users in mind, phone wallets can  hold credit cards, keys and more. It undoubtedly eliminates the need to carry a wallet every time. Everyone will indeed find these custom promotional giveaways useful. Apart from being a product launch gift, it can also be used as  employee appreciation gifts, corporate gifts and referral gifts.

Gain Immense Brand Impression

An  average American adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile devices every day. This means that mobile accessories like phone wallets, attached to the phone will gain tremendous exposure 24/7.  The best part is that your brand imprinted on it will get easy eyeballs of people around. Wherever the recipients go, they will build awareness about your new products.

Easy on Your Marketing Budget

Phone wallets are budget friendly marketing tools  ideal for any business size.  By ordering in bulk, it will cost you next to nothing, which in turn will help marketers to stretch their promotional  dollars even further.

 Easy to Customize

A custom silicone phone wallet with your logo is a great way to get brands literally into the  hands of  your  customers. Slim , trendy and colorful, these accessories can also be matched with your corporate colors to make them look eye-catching.  Let your creative juices flow; think of interesting taglines, jokes or  artwork apart from just your logo, to make it unique and an extension of your personal expression. Incredible customization is what makes  logo items popular among the audience.

Multifunctional Products Are in vogue

In today’s fast paced life, combo items like phone wallets with phone stands will surely get a lot of attention. Customers will definitely love the convenience of having all their cards in one easy-access place while having a phone stand!

Interested in making custom silicon wallets your swag? Browse our collection to choose an appropriate model.