Reusable Tote Bags to Grow Your Business

A customized shopping bag ranks high up in the list of effective yet budget friendly promotional items. Its practical value makes it an ideal medium to boost your brand. Furthermore, they offer great environmental benefits.

In the USA alone, people consume nearly 100 billion plastic bags every year, each of which will take 50 to 1000 years  to decompose. So, play your part in eradicating the use of single-use plastic bags by offering branded totes as promotional giveaways, employee gifts and milestone handouts. Offering reusable grocery bags will not only help the environment but highlight your ecofriendly traits as well.

Tote bags are available in various material choices like cotton, jute and canvas among others.

Budget friendly

 Tote bags are cost effective and are available at prices starting a few cents. When you buy in bulk, you will get these bags at ridiculously low rates, which makes it a perfect choice for mass events like trade shows. Advertising through custom tote bags can be quite inexpensive compared to TV and print ads. These long lasting bags also will drive your brand message more effectively towards your target market.


Long lasting and sturdy, tote bags will enjoy a high retention. Thus your brand on these custom bags will make consistent impressions all through its shelf span. Every time your recipients use these trendy tote bags during road trips or shopping your brand will reach a wider audience.

The best part is that it  helps people to reduce the usage of disposable plastic bags. As customers can use these bags over and over again, it will make an effective eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags.


Reusable bags are light weight and easy to carry wherever they go. Low on maintenance  these bags can also withstand the rough and tumble of everyday lives.


Tote bags can be used as promotional giveaways or referral gifts that can encourage repeat sales and new leads.

Easy to customize

Also, tote bags are available in a palette of colors that set a perfect canvas for your logo , artwork and message. A great design will take your message beyond the shopping stores because an eye-catching design will inspire customers to use them over and over again, creating brand awareness outside shopping stores. Marketers can turn tote bags into a walking advertisement for their company.

Brand reminders

Tote bags will indeed make tangible brand reminders for the customers that will enhance their brand loyalty and exposure. These popular bags will undoubtedly drive your brand message across different audience demographic.

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