Why Promotional Golf umbrellas are Proven Marketing Tools

Umbrellas are popular accessories at almost every sporting and social event and a basic necessity for the outdoorsy people.A growing number of companies are using custom umbrellas to promote brands and raise awareness on social causes among others. Models like golf umbrellas enjoy a high level of exposure and that is why it is a great place to park your brand and message.

Custom Golf Umbrellas - Make Your Brand Stand Out!!

Golf umbrellas set a panoramic backdrop for your brand message while being extremely useful for your recipients!  Well retained and used regularly, umbrella becomes a wardrobe staple for your customers, clients and business partners! Available in a wide range of models, colors and sizes to suit the different needs of the users, golf umbrellas are easy to choose and customize.

Auto-Open Wood Shaft Fashion Umbrellas

Great for the golf course and even beyond the greens, these massive umbrellas offer bigger and better protection than ordinary umbrellas.  Though these were originally designed to protect players and their equipment from rain and sun, golf umbrellas have become a trendy model on the high streets and camping grounds when two people wish to share the cover of a single umbrella.

Traditional golf umbrellas have a vented design with an interior mesh to make it withstand the heavy winds in the greens. Today,  you can choose from various models including those with single or double canopy. The double canopy gives additional protection and durability though it could be heavier than single canopy models.

Two-Tone Custom Printed Logo Umbrellas

Offered in a wide range of alternating  panel colors, golf umbrellas are also available in full color dye sublimated canopies that are virtually show stoppers in any event. Thanks to the impressive size and the high traffic areas where, these are used, golf umbrellas make an effective advertising backdrop. Businesses  complemented by an outdoor or sporting lifestyle could immensely benefit from promotional items like custom golf umbrellas.

Golf umbrellas are often used for extended periods of time, so a user-friendly design is ideal. Even small details like an ergonomic handle and a soft handle will all add up to a lot of difference in golf umbrellas.  Fiberglass shaft and rib will be a better choice than metal considering the enhanced durability and light weight advantage.

62 Inch Arc Promotional Full Color Golf Umbrellas

Popular all-round the year, these umbrellas are available in a palette of colors and interesting models that will please even the most discerning clients of yours. Ideal for daily use and at spectator events, these stylish umbrellas enjoy high visibility and are never missed.  Functional and fashionable, golf umbrellas will indeed make excellent rolling billboards for your brand.

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