Promotional Product Trend Forecast for April 2021!

The month of April is not just about spring colors, clear blue sky and tons of outdoor fun but a host of festivals like Easter and cheerful events including  April Fool’s Day, National Beer Day, National pet day, National Picnic Day and a lot more.

 Plus the exhibition season is in full swing – virtual or real and you know what that means, It is time to get some new promotional items! So, here are some likely trends in custom products that will help you sail through the busy  event calendar of the month of April.


Tradeshow swag

Keychains continue to be the trusted gift choice as trade show items. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get as your recipients will  carry your brand with them wherever they go. The best part is that they will remember you when needed. With so many shapes and models on offer you’ll definitely be able to find a keychain model that coordinates with your brand.

Custom Printed Mini Tool Keychain Kits

Pens:  Another classic gift choice in trade show swag is pens. It is budget friendly and easy to distribute that nobody can resist. Interestingly even in this tech world  where everything is typed out we all need a pen to jot down, scribble and doodle!

Plastic Parc Pens

Food and candy: Chocolate, cookies, popcorn – you have tons of fantastic gift choices in custom food and candy for the Easter scavenger hunt fun. Mint is another smart alternative as these will last longer than sweets as they’ll be kept around to freshen breath. These are available in  different shaped containers, which will continue to be used even after the mints are used up, displaying your logo in the process.

 Pond Flat Top Tins with Mints

Outdoor giveaways

Fitness Apparel

With the bright and pleasant outdoor season upon us, apparel items like hoodies, Polo T shirts etc will top the popularity chart. It’s that time of year again where everyone wants to get back into shape and pursue their outdoor leisure after the winter slow down phase. So, why not include branded apparels to motivate them to hit the outdoors?

polo shirts, are popular gift choices for clients and crew during this season as it is comfortable and cool. Your logo and message imprinted on these apparels will get a lot of eyeballs during golf holidays, marathons, picnics and camping fun. You can even dude it with headwear like baseball caps for the sunny day.

Men's Dunlay Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

Wrist and Head Sweatbands

On a budget? Don’t sweat it! Custom wrist and head bands make effective outdoor swag that remains popular. Offered in a palette of colors, these accessories will motivate your clients to break a sweat and go all out pursuing their favorite activities.

Cooling Headbands

Running belts

It is a handy way to keep your gym membership card, lockers keys or money safe while on the go  when you don’t want to carry a bag with you. Your recipients will enjoy the hands free convenience offered by these logo items that are perfect for gyms, outdoor sporting events and even schools and offices!

Running Belts with Safety Strip and Lights

We have a lot more- So, do not miss the trend; browse our collection of custom giveaways and choose the best.