Innovative Ways to Use Custom Sticky notes

The ubiquitous sticky note is a popular and budget friendly promotional gift that is seen everywhere- at home, office, clinics and more. If you have not considered using these modest handouts as your promotional giveaways, here are a few sound reasons for using these to promote your business.


A useful yet cost effective gift

Inexpensive yet highly practical, custom sticky notes will put your message front and center of your audience. Plus the eye-catching customization far exceeds this miniscule price. Offered in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes it can be designed to match your business colors even with gradients and effects!

Customize sticky notes with interesting artwork and images that sum up your business.  A memorable artwork on the sticky notes will make an added plus for the recipients to use it regularly and flaunt it on the work desks . So if you have a creative image that you feel really represents you, a sticky note could be the best way to get it across to others.

Square Leather Look Case of Sticky Notes with Calendar and Pen

At Tradeshows

Sticky notes imprinted with your contact details can be made readily available for the attendees to simply stick in their planners or diaries. As they will find it useful for other business purposes, your brand will enjoy a long term display after the event. Vivid colors will catch the eye and make your brand stand out.

You can even add a surprise element to your trade show swag with these cute sticky notes. For instance, a realtor company might have lots of house shaped gifts on their display. Simple sticky notes will indeed make a welcome addition to their gift list.

Triangle Shape Sticky Note Pads

Employee handouts

Office employees are a group that uses sticky notes the most and understand the need for notes during their everyday work. Be it to leave a message for a colleague or scribble down a phone number or to make a funny doodle, custom sticky notes is something that reach out to instinctively.

Special Value Pricing Full Color Sticky Notepads

The most popular promotional items are something your recipients may need and will surely use regularly. Thus sticky notes make a logical gift choice for everyone especially employees. Plain, imprinted or fanciful- no matter how you go about customizing sticky notes, these are likely to be more functional than decorative. So, keep the design interesting yet simple leaving enough space for the users to make notes.

Mailer gifts

At a time when personal interactions are at a rock bottom and mailer campaigns are the most popular way to reach out to your audience, custom sticky notes make a perfect choice. Light enough to be mailed out, these logo items will empower your business to reach out to a far and wide audience.

Eco-Inspired Desk Needs Set

Now that you have an overview of the fabulous potential of the seemingly modest sticky notes, why not make a well informed decision by exploring our collection of custom sticky notes?