Custom Bags- The One- Size Fits All Promotional Items

Custom bags are probably one of the safest to invest as promotional gifts as it fits most of your promotional plans and impress every genre of audience. Whether it is a plain and standard backpack for school or office, a draw string bag for the camping grounds or duffel bag for the fitness centers, you can choose something special for every promotional theme. Businesses can print their logo on backpacks, and sell them or hand them out to fans!


Why Do You Need Custom Bags?

Well retained and used on a daily basis, custom bags bring interest to your back to school events  and store promotions. You can even sell these as part of a fundraiser, or stock at your bookstore for the students to buy.

Campgrounds: Hosting  a summer camp  or a hiking holiday? Drawstring backpacks will make great handouts for everyone who signs up. You can even fill these bags up with fun gear like t-shirts or food and candy gifts to sweeten up the deal!

Budget Drawstring Sportpacks

Hospitality niche: If you are a tour operator of a travel agent, custom bags will make great handouts for your audience. Made to look good and last long, these bags will effortlessly take your audience through airports, leisure venues, hotel lobbies and in fact wherever they need to go, drawing eyes to your brand seamlessly.

Sports Teams: Sports personnel require a reliable and sturdy bag that can take the rough and tumble of practice sessions and game days with ease. Personalized duffel bags  are useful gifts to give everyone on your team! Choose bags in your team colors to leave a lasting impact and  turn it a great team spirit swag that everyone will love.

Non-Woven Duffel Bags

Tourist Attractions: Amusement parks, zoos, and other tourist attractions can make imprinted backpacks their souvenirs in their gift shops. Add your logo, tagline and contact information to drive the crowd and build up a buzz wherever your recipients carry these trendy bags!

All See Through Mesh Backpacks

Gym & Fitness Centers: Everyone needs a handy bag to carry change of clothes and a water bottle with them to the gym. Fitness centers can consider handing out backpacks or duffel to serve this purpose while putting their brand on plain view in front of their audience.

Budget Duffel Bags

Game days: If you have been using only custom T-shirts and visors as your game day swag, it is time for you to include custom totes or fanny packs  on to your list! Clear bags that are security-friendly will get used at concerts, music festivals or even airports for a long time to come. Thus your message will get an extended audience even after the event.

Rally Clear Tote Bags

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