Why Custom Insulated  Metal Water Bottles Are The Best Hydration Options

Choosing a water bottle is one of the best decisions for everyone. So, marketers planning to handout custom water bottles should choose the best options that will leave everyone well pleased.


Here are some of the benefits that make metal water bottles a perfect bet.


Metal water bottles made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel commonly used within the food and drink industry  are BPA free and wont leach chemicals into the beverages carried in these bottles.  Plus, these bottles wont leave behind metal odors and tastes impacting your drinks.In addition , stainless steel water bottles are resistant to  rust, corrosion and stains and can be cleaned easily to keep it sterile.

Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles

Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold

Most insulated water bottles feature double-wall  design that enhances their ability to maintain the temperature of the contents. Thus your recipients will have a versatile water bottle that will  keep their favorite beverage  – hot or cold as desired for a long time.

25 Oz Gradient Aluminum Bike Bottles


Insulated water bottles are non breakable and extremely durable thanks to its double-wall construction.


Insulated water bottles prevent heat transfer and condensation outside the bottle, which makes it easy to carry in bags along with other items, without the risk of leaving any traces of moisture. Plus the sweat-free design will also ensure that your hands will not get burnt or chilled when you hold your bottle.

 Pacific 26 Oz Aluminum Sports Bottles

Light weight

These are not as heavy as many other models like glass water bottles and can be carried easily.


Offered in a wide range of colors and textures, marketers can choose a model that matches well with their theme. Your recipients will love to get  these vividly colored bottles that go well with the apparel colors. Check out the bright solids, stylish shades, marble and wood grain designs among others.

Budget friendly

Insulated water bottles are available in a wide range of price points, which offers something special for every budget. Ordering these classic handouts in bulk will get you the best deals and discounts.

21 Oz Stainless Steel Liberty Bottles with Bamboo Lid


Americans buy 29 million plastic water bottles a year, most of which end up in landfills that can take more than 1,000 years per bottle to decompose. Stainless steel water bottles are sustainable and a perfect ecofriendly option.

17 Oz Cutter and Buck® Bainbridge Copper Vacuum Bottles

These don’t retain flavors

High-quality stainless steel water bottles do not retain flavors. So your recipients can fill it with any of their  favorite beverage. No matter what they fill it with, the beverages will taste just the way it should every time- Not something like water tasting like cocoa or coffee with the left over flavors of tea!

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