Why Promotional Gifts Matter More than Ever in Q4 2020

If there was ever a time we needed the sense of belonging it’s now, in Q4 2020. For this, there cant be  a better way than custom promotional items that are always a welcome addition in the marketing mix of advertisers especially in the 4th quarter promotions. Even amidst the market downturn and the low business activities,  the tradition of handing out custom gifts to the clients and customers continues to be relevant to show that you are up and ticking and you care for the prospects.


Custom gifts Bring People Together

In 2020, your employees and customers have felt detached as they work from remote locations with no scope for personal interactions.  So, it is important to reinforce the business relations and  reach out to your audience to make your brand presence felt.

Convey your seasonal greetings, thank your team or share a word of appreciation to your clients. No matter how you wish to reach out to your audience, custom gifts will make a perfect way to achieve this.

Here are some interesting ways to use promotional products in Q4 events

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Thank your team

Custom gifts will show how much you care for the welfare of your team and create a positive emotion in your recipients. Handouts imprinted with your logo and message will have a motivational effect on your employees. Gifts like portfolios, tumblers, tech accessories, apparels etc are some of the many gift ideas to consider. Make it unique by adding your logo and message and make your employees truly feel part of the team.

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To reinforce client relations

 Appreciate the trust that clients have reposed in your business and celebrate the strong business relation that you enjoy with them by handing out appropriate corporate gifts. It is great way to show that you are there for them even in the most difficult times.

Custom gifts show how effectively your business has adapted to the changing situation to move forward. Your clients will be indeed impressed to associate with a company that has successfully weathered the storm.

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Why promotional products?

Custom products are not a one day miracle or something that popped up in the aftermath of the pandemic. These are proven marketing tools that have been around for a long time.

Here are some facts and figures that highlight the importance of custom gifts

57% of US consumers retain promotional products for 5 years or longer.

Consider the valuable impressions your brand will get during this span. Consistent brand impressions equals to a higher return on investment as the cost per impression will be just around a fraction of a cent.

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Worldwide, 85% of promotional product recipients remember the advertiser who gave it to them.

Promotional products not just keep your logo and message in plain sight but enhance your goodwill and trust you have developed with your employees and clients. So think of holiday gifts, annual recognition awards, and referral gifts for your clients and customers, which will enhance your customer base  plus your ability to thrive in the new normal world

Promotional products are highly rated advertising tools, ahead of all traditional media.

2020 has indeed been a downhill roller coaster ride. However, you can enhance your brand presence and counter the uncertainty with promotional gifts. Reach out to our team for assistance in  choosing the best promotional gifts to propel your organization in Q4.