The Art Of Choosing the Best Holiday Promotional Products

According to PPAI survey reports nearly 7 in 10 brands consider promotional products effective in achieving marketing goals. Custom products are thus proven marketing tools to enhance your brand image and create enduring connections. But where do you begin and how to get the best return out of your promotional products?  Here are some smart tips to consider.


Choose products your target audience will love

 Choosing from thousands of promotional products can be overwhelming. However, you can make it easy by considering the preferences and tastes of your target audience. This will give you a fair idea on custom products that are most likely to be runaway hits in your promotional campaigns.

When you understand your customer, it becomes easier for you to make well informed decisions that will hit the mark. For example, a nail file  or a cosmetic bag will be a much more sensible gift idea than a pen for a nail salon.

Cosmetic Vanity Bags

Know your audience preferences
Keep a tab on the pulse  of your target audience while choosing promo gifts. If you have a dominant Millenial community as your key audience, consider their preference for eco-friendly products. It will enhance your brand image and social commitment and your brand will become popular among the audience.

Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebooks & Pens

Seasonal trends and holiday events can also influence the gift choice. For instance, if you are planning a holiday promotion, some of the classic gift choices may include food and candy items, blankets, BBQ items, wine gifts and so much more.

Zagasnacks™ Snack Pack Bags

Quality matters

No matter which gift you choose, make sure it is of good quality so that the  your giveaways will get used for a longer time, creating  consistent impressions for your brand in the process.

Calculate your expected ROI

Cheaper is not always better when it comes to promotional products . Choose logo gifts that are of high utility and that will get used long term to get the desired outcome from your promotional campaign. Useful shelf life of the products and its positive influence on the audience should be considered.

Men's Elgon Track Jackets

Be purpose-driven

Before selecting custom gifts you should have a promotional goal in place to make it more achievable. Are you planning to boost employee satisfaction, increase brand awareness or is your goal to generate leads and drive repeat customers? Answers to these queries will give you a strong clue on the type of products you should select

Distribute among the right people

Having the best gifts is only half your job done. Make sure to draw out a list of key prospects that are most likely to support your brand. Being targeted will allow you to save money and above all ensure that your promotional gifts get into the right hands.

12 Oz Iridescent Ceramic Mugs

Have fun

This is perhaps the most important of all the factors. What makes your custom gifts special is its ability to evoke joy and excitement. So, make sure that your recipients have all the fun by choosing the best gifts for them while you get the happiness on this act of giving. Win-win!

These tips will help you to maximize the performance of your promotional products and yield better results and a happier audience group. Should you need any assistance our friendly team is here to help you