How to Customize Your Promotional Merchandise- Top Tips

Promotional products a offer an overwhelming range of choices for marketers. However the key factor to consider while choosing custom products is the imprint space available. It is important to choose products with a high visibility imprint space to highlight your logo and message.

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For instance, if you have a bigger tagline or a larger artwork to place, custom products like tote bags or blankets with a big imprint space will make great choices. So how do you get your logo looking amazing across a wide range of different products?

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As a general rule you should utilize as much space as possible to ensure all relevant information is legible. Different products may have different  decoration methods as well including embroidery as on hats , blankets or t shirts, laser engraving for metal pens or tumblers and screen printing  or full color dye sublimation as in towels etc- to list a few

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While customizing make sure that the logo is presented in an easily recognized way. Choose the different customization options to ensure that your logo stands out. An artwork or  a small change in your message etc can all make a huge impact on  how your finished products may look . Making the artwork is an important element of customization. An expressive artwork will convey your message without you having to use a lot of text and will engage the audience with your message effortlessly.

Choose contrasting Colors 

The colors should strike a contrast to make your message stand out. Thus if the background is dark colors, opt for a lighter imprint color to make it pop and vice versa. Using minimum number of colors will add a classic appeal to your message. Using too many conflicting colors will  compromise on the visual appeal and aesthetics of your logo gifts.

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Size matters

Make sure that the message fits into the imprint space nicely. Make your message short and crisp; avoid including too much information that will make the message non eligible and may leave the recipients confused.   The focus should be on utilizing the available imprint space the best way possible especially when you are using products like pens or sunglasses that may have only a very small imprint space.  Put on your creative caps to come up with something nice or reach out to our creative team for fresh customization tips that will ensure a fabulous makeover.

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Need more tips? Get in touch with us today for customization tips and assistance and get started by browsing our entire range of custom products to choose the best.