6 Promotional Products People Use All Year

Promotional products that enjoy a higher retention make the trump cards of any marketing campaign. The  longer  your recipients keep a product that is branded with your logo and message, the more your business name stays on top of their mind. Plus, people  may share and pass on these products when they’re done with these to give your brand logo an extended lease of exposure.


Here are 6 promotional products that your recipients will use all round the year and earn your brand consistent impressions.

  1. Outerwear

Apparels are the most popular custom gifts. So, investing in seasonal apparels will make a good investment for businesses. Outerwear like hoodies and jackets will get easy attention during cold weather season. Customize it with your brand, message or artwork to make it your brand extension. The impressive imprint area on custom outerwear will ensure unlimited exposure for your message.

Custom Males Garner Knit Full Zip Hoodies

  1. Drinkware

Drinkware will make a welcome addition to the custom gifts of your audience. Choose from an incredible range of models like ceramic mugs, travel tumblers, water bottles and a lot more. Customize these to make thoughtful individual gifts or gift set items.These high utility items will fit into various packages like employee welcome gift packages, wellness gift sets and so much more.

With so many styles, colors and types to choose from, you can easily find drinkware that matches your brand or event theme.

 Tall Campfire Ceramic Mugs

  1. Wellness products

With health and well-being becoming a top consideration wellness products like yoga mats, pedometers, exercise bands, jump ropes  etc have become meaningful logo items like never before.

PPE items like face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are  great handouts to show that you care for the personal safety of your audience. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention.

Full Graphic Sublimation Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Looking for a fun spin? Adult coloring books, puzzles, playing cards and toys will help your recipients to manage stress while keeping your message in plain view.  Plus, since these items are relatively new in the promotional space, your logo  gifts will stand out easily.

  1. Tote bags

Tote bags can be used anywhere by anyone. Available in a wide range of models like cotton, canvas and non woven fabrics, totes are a favorite choice as shopping gangs, gym bags and lunch bags for school or work etc. Plus, these bags are available in various sizes, dimensions and colors to fit all  your branding needs.

Long lasting and durable, totes create thousands of impressions during its shelf life. These reusable bags will not just highlight your business message but your social commitment in reducing your carbon footprint.

Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bags

5.Writing instruments

High-staying and affordable, custom writing instruments like pens, pencils and highlighters are a hot choice among marketers . Investing in quality pens will make a wise move to put your message in plain view of your audience.

No matter whether you are looking for budget friendly plastic pens, more expensive, higher-end metal pens or anything that falls in between, custom pens will offer a lot of options to consider. Ideal as milestone gifts, holiday favors and mailer gifts, logo pens make moving billboards for your business that are never overlooked.

Jewel Retractable Ballpoint Metal Pens

  1. Tech accessories

It is a no brainer that tech accessories are a hot  promotional swag  in today’s digital world. At a time when more people are working, learning and shopping online in the new normal world, the significance of tech accessories has hit the roof literally.

Choose from an array of branded items like phone cases, phone stands, wireless headphones, charging pads, power banks and more. Your brand will reach a vast audience riding piggy back on these popular accessories that are here to stay forever.

Active Wear Bluetooth Headphones

We have a lot more. Browse our collection of custom gifts and invest in products that people need, use and like! It will not just pay off your upfront investment but make your brand memorable. The longer and more often your recipients use your logo item, the more likely they are to call on you when they need your product or service.