Why Made In USA Makes The Trump Card In Any Promotional Campaign

Promotional gifts are the smartest options to reach out to your audience and to impress them readily. However, did you know among the countless promo gifts, Made in USA gifts have always remained popular for a million odd sound reasons?Custom Imprinted Reflections Can Koolers

The economic benefits of using locally made gift items is that promotional products made in the U.S.A will ensure that your promotional dime is getting ploughed back to our economy to create more jobs for Americans. US manufacturing represents 1 in 6 jobs in the private sector, which add up to the employment opportunity. More than 80 percent of the consumers prefer goods that are made in USA as they believe that US made products are more likely to have compliance to safety standards especially in children’s products.

Though reshoring had been a popular cost cutting measure among businesses for some time, companies are beginning to consider reasons to have their products Made in the USA.

Investments in automation technology in the US has resulted in the development of superior quality products in all sectors including household goods, textiles, electronics, writing supplies and much more. Reduced shipping costs coupled with quality assurance have seen more businesses seeing the economic benefits of using promotional goods that bear the Made in the USA model.

The recent “Made in America, Again” survey, conducted by Boston Consulting Group, shows that as much as 80% of respondents felt that shorter supply-chains made an important factor to consider.Custom Printed USA Made Cotton Caps

Employment prospects
With the outsourcing hysteria slowing down, employment opportunity in America has gone up significantly and is expected to continue to grow further. Economists say that if each American buys 5% more US made products, a million odd new jobs will be created. By buying American goods, not just are the jobs being created but it will also result in the promotion of skilled labor.

Do it for the Story
Purchasing American goods supports the economy and will make the workforce well motivated. It will give an opportunity for the skilled artisans and craftspeople to eke out a decent living right in their homeland and contribute to the growth of the economic prospects of the country. Initiatives like the “Made Right Here” web series has popularized this concept and has given the consumers a closer look at the dedicated individuals who make some of the best known items among promotional goods.

ProImprint has an impressive collection of Made in USA promotional goods for every business line. Be it for a fall themed promotion or a football themed promotion or something different, we have appropriate gift items at all possible rates. So, if you are looking to be part of nation building during your brand promotion, check out our vast listing of Made in USA goods and choose the one that suits your needs.

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