Why Custom Handouts Matter More Than Ever in Today’s Robotic Age?

We all live in virtual world where people cannot touch or feel things. We buy things just by seeing it and not trying it out or feeling the fabric as we used to do in the past. People buy food, purchase homes or even finalize marriages by just seeing the prospects on their screens in this digital world!


However, tactile marketing is still the best way to drive the sales and add a personal touch to marketing campaigns. It will make your branding unique and convert prospects into paying clients.

If you thought online marketing ideas are the only way to get your audience engaged with your brand, you could be mistaken. In today’s digital world, an average person gets no less than 4000 digital advertising bytes a day, which could leave them confused and often shut down. Not surprisingly, most people strive to find ways to keep themselves away from the continuous barrage with the latest tools like ad blockers or email filters.

Why Tactile Marketing?

Tactile marketing makes a great replacement for Internet promotions and the digital overload. It involves the usage of tangible, and touchable tactics in getting connected with the audience that could mean a lot for your business. From the old fashioned snail mails to freebies and more, tactile marketing offers a lot of delightful options.

Tangible custom gifts not just leave your clients with a unique reminder of your brand but will enable you to tap into the potential of this underutilized marketing medium and integrate into your main stream marketing. A smart mix of both digital and tangible marketing will ensure bigger returns and greater customer loyalty among others.

While digital communication get forgotten easily, personalized  custom products remain  always in plain view of your audience, reminding them of your brand and conversing with them.

A new message notification might not be a cause of excitement for most people considering the countless alerts and email notifications that they get every day. They will delete the text if they don’t find it useful. However, the experience is totally different when it comes to receiving a piece of tangible mail.

Studies have proven that people feel happy when they get branded promotional products that they can actually use. This emotional element is what makes direct mail campaigns more effective than digital campaigns.

The mere fact that promotional product-based advertising campaigns continue to beat out Internet-based marketing strategy by 2.5 times show the positive impact of custom products.

Here are some interesting tips to put your tactile marketing campaigns work for you.

Add A Gift To Make Your Newsletters Special

When was the last time you got a printed newsletter in your letter box? It has probably been a while. Surprise your audience with a news letter combined with a giveaway like custom pens or a keychain. It will make sure that your newsletter gets the attention that it deserves and will help maximize your brand exposure.

Your recipients will be excited to show off the freebies that they got in mail , which means that your campaigns get more people talking.

Plastic Tropic Pens

Direct mail invitations

Think of sending out direct mail invitations instead of emails to your attendees for your upcoming milestone event or grand openings. Include a small gift to build up a buzz and get them amped up for the event. You can consider small, light weight items like USB flashdrives or webcam covers that anyone can actually use.

iCam Molded Covers

Referral gifts

Loyalty programs and referral gifts will keep up the tempo of your branding campaigns by getting new leads consistently. Phone wallets imprinted with your logo and message will make a handy and stylish gift that your recipients won’t change for anything!

Call Cash Cell Phone Wallets

Subscriptions gifts

For businesses that offer subscription-based services, tactile marketing and promotional gifts will make a smart way to remind their customers to renew subscriptions or take new subscriptions. Every time, you can handout some  useful handouts like tote bags or drawstring backpacks that everyone will find useful.

Morgen Polytex Grocery Tote Bags

Branded swag will set triggers to your key audience based on fact-based metrics so that you can send these custom gifts to the right type of people based on their preferences and real-life taste profile. So, you can be doubly sure that your swag is something that anyone will actually wish to  get!

Let’s be frank about it. Everyone loves getting freebies and when you have the information that enable you to automatically give them exactly what they want, why not take advantage?