Unfold Your Message Amidst The Outdoor Crowd With Custom Folding Chairs

It may sound paradoxical! But, folding chairs make a great way to unfold your promotional message among the outdoorsy crowd. During spring and summer months, folding chairs grab the limelight easily and will make your brand stand out.


 Here are some top reasons that make folding chairs great handouts.

Staying Power: The more useful a promotional item, the more likely it will be retained, thereby making hundreds of impressions. Folding chairs are retained for 14 months or more, which means your brand will remain in plain view of your recipients for over a year ensuring incredible ROI.


Everyone loves to have a handy and stylish folding chair that they can haul around to the beach, picnic and camping sites. It will appeal to a wide huge swath of consumer types and can be effectively used to promote all types of businesses and events with ease. Folding chairs will make a great addition to the outdoor accessories. No matter whether they use it at their backyard or game days, your brand and message imprinted on these brilliantly colored chairs will get a lot of attention.

Promotional folding chairs will help you make a strategic brand display during months when people love being outside. BBQ restaurants, cafes or bars can create a memorable alfresco dining experience for the customers by using these trendy chairs that will never fail to make heads turn. Offered in a palette of vibrant colors and patterns, folding chairs will ensure something special for every campaign and promotional theme.

Promotional Logo Mesh Camping Chairs

Leave your brand presence in your neighborhood

The recipients of custom folding chairs typically take these chairs to events that aren’t too far from their home like local sports events, parks, carnivals or concerts. Your brand imprinted on these chairs will get a lot of attention from people around, which in turn will reinforce your brand presence among the local community. A strong local brand presence will go a long way in making your business popular. The best part is that your target demographics will identify your brand any time they head to the local park or fair.


Folding chairs have a generous imprint area for you to position your brand. The best part is that  your message imprinted on these chairs will remain in plain view of people for a long time or even a whole day during game days.  This will create a lot of impressions for your brand and may inspire people around to know more about your business.

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