Different Types of Face Masks To Stay Safe from Covid-19

With a steep rise in the number of asymptomatic people that have COVID-19, the fight against the virus has become more challenging, Though these people may not show any symptoms, they make potent carriers who can transmit the virus to others and expose their family and relatives to a serious risk every time they talk, cough or sneeze while spreading the germs farther.


Face masks will help to curb the spread of germs and prevent the risks of people touching their faces or eyes with dirty hands. CDC has now recommended that everyone wear face masks in public places irrespective of whether they have Covid-19 symptoms or not.

To meet the rising demand, more facemasks need to be made available for the public.  We often see a lot of innovative ideas in facemasks as people try to make masks out of towels, bandannas or even vacuum bags.

We have medical grade respirator and filtering masks like  N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Masks for health care professional and doctors who have a high rate of exposure. Made as per the  various regulatory standards around the world, these masks will cut down the risks of exposure to the germs.

KN95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Masks are disposable respirators made in compliance with the universal safety standards around the world. These will filter germs and keep the users safe from the risks of direct exposure. These are great giveaways for front line Covid-19 battle teams of doctors and health care personnel.

KN95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Masks

In addition, we have some of the latest models in non medical grade facemasks as well that you can order now. These are not of medical grade and are intended only for basic personal protection.


3 ply facemask is a non medical mask  that will help you to cover up your cough and prevent germs from spreading. Coronavirus spreads through airborne respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The 3-ply, filtered design can traps droplets effectively and prevent it from  going out where it can potentially infect other people. Comfortable and snug fitting, these masks fit most adult faces and cover nose mouth and chin. These single use masks are ideal for quarantine , daily commute and while being in public places.

Standard Breathable and Disposable 3-Layer Cloth Face Masks


Ecofriendly, washable  and reusable, these 100%  cotton masks is a great choice to consider. Offered in various color choices, these masks will stand out nicely as well. Made of  four layers of 100% cotton these non medical grade masks ensure sanitization and  optimal protection.  These can be washed after each use; great handouts for employees and clients during the pandemic crisis.

100% Cotton USA Made Masks


Reports of The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)show that people touch their faces as many as 23 times an hour! Curb this habit with these full face plastic shields that cover your face and reduce the risk of germs getting into the body . Made of fog-resistant, PETE plastic, these are comfortable to wear  without hampering your vision. These single use face shields make perfect giveaways for health care professionals, doctors  and more.

Full Face Plastic Shields


Add  a fashion twist to your facemasks with these bandanna facemasks. Versatile and fashionable , these non medical grade masks can be used during road trips, sports events, camping and other outdoor activities  during or even after the virus scare settles down.

Bandana Face Masks with CleenFreek®

Made of 100% polyester, these custom bandannas can be imprinted with your artwork or tagline to make a high visibility publicity item for your business as well. Great giveaways for awareness events, employees and clients.

Browse our section of facemasks to choose a model that suits your needs the best.