Boredom Busting Promo Gifts That Keep Kids Entertained At Home

Most people have been making life style changes that have come with the virus pandemic. Things are no different for kids as well. Forced to sit at home, kids can get easily bored and irritated. Parents need to come up with some creative tips to do a balancing act between parenting, distance learning efforts and working from home.


Businesses can hand out Kids-friendly gifts to their employees and prospects to help them strike a work/life balance during Covid-19 lockdown.

Here are a few ideas that can help keep kids at home occupied.

Crayons and coloring books

Drawing and coloring are not just interesting activities but are thought to have stress busting capabilities as well.  Crayons, drawing books and coloring pencils are great choices. Choose from a range of interesting and easy grip shapes that children of all age groups will find interesting. Non toxic and perfect for the little hands, crayons will keep the kids well occupied and happy not just at home but on the move or at school as well. Customize these with your brand and message to make it unique.

 Neon Six Color Crayon Wheel

Toys and Puzzles

Keep the little ones busy and fully engrossed with these brain teasing  custom puzzles and fidget toys. Kids will love to get their hands on these toys any time, leaving the parents relaxed as everyone stays safe at home.  Keep their little fingers busy with these interesting toys that will enhance their problem solving skills and dexterity as well. Jigsaw puzzle or Rubik cube are something that will bring the whole family together.  Completely customizable with your brand, these interesting and timeless toys will easily  make your brand popular among family audience.

Hyper Fidget Hand Spinners

Slime: Keep the kids entertained and engaged with slime that can be made into any shape they desire; loads of fun and creativity, it is the best way to keep the kids away from the work desks of the busy parents during those busy work-from- home sessions.

Galaxy Slime

YoYo: The oldest toy on earth, Yo Yo will leave its magical spell on both kids and adults alike. Let’s be frank about! Anyone can spend hours on end watching these spinning toys go up and down the taut string. Choose from a range of interesting models including light up models for  the sun down play hours!

Classic Yo-Yo

Binoculars: As  humans are locked in, birds and animals roam free in gardens and parks. A binoculars will be a smart choice to keep the kids engaged and to spot some beautiful birds and small animals in their backyard.

Action Binoculars

We have a lot more. Browse our full list of custom toys and pick up a model that pleases your audience.