What makes  Promotional Bags great Giveaways

Promotional bags are incredibly popular  and is the third-most distributed custom products. Highly useful  and trending, custom bags make well retained custom gifts on a budget while businesses are assured of a great brand visibility. Reports show that around  50% of U.S. consumers own a custom bag. So, by investing in custom bags, businesses can increase their brand’s reach and visibility without being intrusive.


Still on fence? Here are some more solid reasons that make  custom bags a great promotional gift.

High visibility

Having the most trending business gift in town wont help if your message imprinted on it is rarely seen by the world outside! This is what makes custom bags a great choice. Your recipients  carry it wherever they go, thereby taking your message  far and wide. A stylish bag will make a great conversation topic as well. People will be curious to know more about the brand that gave it way. Above all  bags are used very often and make over 5700 impressions in 1 year!

16 Oz Cotton Canvas Weekender Tote Bags

Budget friendly

Promotional bags are economical, which means you can order in surplus for everyone on your list without breaking the budget. The more you order the higher will be the discount on these bags. These stylish totes and bags will never go out of fashion, which means that you can stock up for the upcoming events as well.

Printed Utility Beach Totes


If you want your giveaways to be effective, the recipients should use it more often. Reusable bags are something that every household needs and get regular usage. Made to look good and last long, custom bags will keep your message front and center and will enhance the relationship with your customers. A superior quality bag will make a sound reason for your recipients to associate quality with your brand.

Lowest cost per impression

Promotional bags have a  cost per impression of one-tenth of a cent–which is one of the lowest for any promo product in the U.S.

Ripstop Nylon Folding Shopper Tote Bags


Recipients  have  42% higher favorable opinion of brands that hand out ecofriendly custom giveaways. Reusable bags make a sustainable alternative to single use plastic bags  and every time you had these out, you are also highlighting your commitment to the environment.

Cotton Tote Bags

6.Something special for everyone

Totes are available in a wide range of models, color and material choices. You have something special for everyone in custom bags. Match it up with your event theme or color to make it special and memorable.

Executive Leather Bags

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