Popular Real Estate Promotional Gifts That Will Take Your Campaign To The Next Level

Buying or selling a home can be chaotic. Flipping through endless listings, boiling down the choices to a handful and finally hand picking one  at the end- It is easier said than done.

Real estate agents will go a long a way in chopping down this complex tasks to simple bits and help the  prospects to buy a  home they have been dreaming for long. Apart from having a  solid listing on hand, realtors need to hand out custom giveaways to engage the serious buyers and make warm leads.


Real estate promotional items will make brand reminders for  your clients even after the deal is sealed. Here are some popular custom gifts that can be considered

Drinkware Items

Give both buyers and sellers a reason to cheer by handing out personalized drinkware items to your prospects. Choose from a wide range of models like metal travel tumblers, wine glass, reusable cups, ceramic mugs and a lot more.  get your logo and message imprinted on these to make a high visibility business gift that will make your message stay on everyone’s lips- literally!

Hydro Soul Zen Mugs with Plastic Lining

Custom Pens

Custom pens will remind your potential clients  about your brand for a long time  after they have signed on the dotted line. Choose from a wide range of models including metal pens , novelty pens and so much more.

Wheat Writer Stylus Pens

Anti germ utility stylus pens

A great choice in the new normal, post pandemic world, these pens also double up as no- touch tools.It will make a smart way to open door or press elevator buttons without having to use the fingers and risking exposure to touch points. Choose from various models

 Anti-Germ Grenada Antimicrobial Pen with Stylus Tip

House shaped keychains

The well recognized shape of a house that aligns with your business is the best way to remind your audience of your business. It will be a great way for you to present the keys of their new home. Customize these with your brand, message or artwork to make it a walking , talking, business card for your realtor business.

House Shaped Tape Measure Keychains

 Refrigerator Magnets

Get your message stay in plain view of everyone without having to resort to a high profile publicity campaign. Custom magnets will attract the buyers easily and will reserve a high visibility spot on their refrigerators.

These full color  magnets are easy to find on the fridge, and will send a clear message that your company is the best way for them to fulfill their dreams of a sweet home. Every time your prospects open their fridge doors, your name sticks in their minds and when they are ready for a new home, your logo will pop up in their mind instinctively.

House Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Personalized Notepads

Old fashioned yet incredibly useful, notepads will make it easy for your clients to keep track of all the important dates and details not just while searching homes but even after they have moved in. Whether it is home maintenance tips, income & expenses or random thoughts that flash in their minds, custom notepads will make a great way to stay organized while your message will get a lot of attention.

 Recycled Cardboard Pivot Pads

Realtor promotional gifts could be the missing item in your promotional puzzle . Choose from a wide range of items in just about every price rate to take your promotional one level up.