6 Budget Friendly Custom Gifts To Stretch Your Promotional Dollars

The pandemic coupled with an uncertain market conditions have forced atleast some businesses to reduce their marketing budgets for the remaining quarter of the year. Even so, every company realizes the crucial role that marketing has in making new leads and long term success. So, businesses have to strike a fine balance between marketing and budgeting to be  successful.  The challenge now is to make the most of the few marketing dollars on hand.


Cutting marketing budget is not about thinking of cheap promotional items because it will do more harm than good. Choose gifts that make recipients think more of your brand and make them feel appreciated.

We have a long line up of budget friendly, yet superior quality handouts that will impress your audience and enhance their loyalty. If affordable but effective corporate gifts are a top priority, these  custom gifts could well be your solution.


In the new normal world, PPE items like facemasks and bandanas are faring high in popularity. A fashionable substitute to facemask, bandanas can be used in various patterns by people of almost all age groups. Washable, durable and trendy, bandanas make an example of inexpensive swag that isn’t cheap!

Custom Printed Elevate U-DADE Snoods

Exercise Bands

As fitness centers and gyms are yet to reopen, most people  are still working out at home. Encourage your prospects to stay healthy with these custom exercise stretch band that bears your logo. Everyone will surely appreciate this low-price but high-performance item with an imprint area big enough for an inspirational message as well.  Stretch your marketing budget the farthest possible with these popular handouts!

Custom Imprinted Exercise Bands

Wet wipes

At a time when you have to wipe off the touch points as you go about your daily errands, wet wipes will make a great handout to consider. These are easy to carry, non messy and antimicrobial, which will make it useful for your clients, crew and prospects. It makes a practical gift that is inexpensive and well cut for the post pandemic world.

Custom Printed Antibacterial Sanitizer Wet Wipe - Single Pack

Sports water bottle

Offered in just about every price rate, sports water bottles will make it easy for everyone to stay hydrated. Easy to carry, these bottles are available in various color choices that can be matched with your theme. The leak resistant push pull top will make it easy for everyone to drink without spillage even on the go. Invest in these drinkware items to get your message across this season.

28 Oz Custom Printed Poly-Clean Plastic Bottles

 No touch utility tools

These affordable giveaways that pack a promotional punch are the most trending items in promo gifts. These can be used to press elevator buttons or open doors without exposing your hands to the dirty shared surfaces. These can be used as keychains as well. Get your logo and message imprinted on these items to make it a high visibility billboard for your message. Available in blank models as well.

Anti Germ Utility Tool with Stylus


We are not talking about those old world plain keytags. Choose from interesting combo models like flashlight keychains or bottle opener keychains that can double duty with ease and impress your audience. Starting at prices of just a few cents, these essential logo items will make a great handout to make sure that your brand travels wherever they go!

Palm Tree Bottle Opener Key Rings

We have a lot more! Browse along and choose a model that matches your theme. For any further tips, feel free to reach out to our product team.