How Restaurants Can Boost Business Post Pandemic

Seeking ways to increase restaurant sales in the new normal world? It has been a rough ride since the last few months for restaurants as social distancing and lock downs had taken the wind out of its sails.

However, considering the fact that Americans spend 48% of their food dollars in restaurants, food industry has a lot to feel upbeat.

With every challenge comes opportunity. So, if you can come up with an innovative marketing strategy that holds true in the changing times, you are all set for a successful business year.


Use table tents to drive digital footfalls 

If you have an app, or Facebook page, table tents will make a smart way to drive engagement. At a time when people spend most of their time in digital world, it is the fastest way for you to get your deals across.

Share Your New Menu

Showcase a tempting menu and show what you have new that is available for delivery and pick-up. It will please the gourmets who may be missing their favorite hangout spots and will waste no time in rushing in their orders for takeaways.

Promote Gift Cards.

Your customers will find the gifts cards great for themselves, for friends or to donate to hospitals. Some people may even save it for a future holiday. Bring out gift cards with a reasonably long expiry date to pique interest among the diners.

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You can even send  gift coupons as mailers along with some useful mailer gifts like aprons or kitchen accessories like measuring spoons that come handy for your audience trying their hands in cooking.

2-in-1 Measuring Spoons With - 7 Colors

You can even send out mailer gifts like face masks, wet wipes  or hand sanitizers to show that you care for your audience.

Printed Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Offer family Meal-Kits.

Do you take credit to some hot favorites that your customers can’t get enough of? Offer adequate food to last a week to your customers so that they don’t have to leave the safety of their homes. It is a great way to grow your goodwill  too. Your recipients will easily find this gesture truly thoughtful at this difficult time.


Get your Customers Social Media spotlight

Encourage  customers to post about their takeout on your channels and build community. Make sure to ask your social media audience what they want to see via tweets so that you can offer the recipes they crave for!

Comfort Food Wins the Toss

Offer your customers what they want.  Find out the most searched dishes online  in your area to make sure you’re cooking all the dishes that your customers desire. In difficult times, there is nothing comforting than enjoying their favorite food.

Live stream behind the scenes from your restaurant

Go live on Instagram to let your audience take a peek at the kitchen and the dining hall of your restaurant. Connect with your audience  and show how the culinary magic takes shape  behind the scenes. You can even introduce your team behind this effort. It will enhance the transparency of your business and will drawn your audience closer. After all, striking a personal rapport is what makes any campaign successful.

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These inspirational tips will help you get started on a sound footing. Announce that you are open for business and go all out!