Custom Travel Items For a Safe and Enjoyable Road Trip 2020

 Travelling is one of the most favorite leisure activities among Americans. It is a fun way to get away from the mundane and to relax and unwind. It is a great way to recharge the batteries and beat stress and boredom as well. No matter whether travelling is your passion, profession or something in between, the pandemic might have made things a bit difficult this year. But some things like travel fun will always remain the same.

However, travel and holidays may assume a very different form in the new normal world. The long haul flights and international holidays might be replaced by staycations and shorter road trips in the current holiday season.


Airport safety concerns and travel restrictions has made flying a less viable choice today. So, more people are planning road trips to cater to their inner wanderlusts. Businesses planning to reach out to this outdoorsy crowd can consider some meaningful travel staples that will make their trips easier.

Flexible: Road trips can be planned just the way you wish. It can be short, long or elaborate as you fancy depending on the time and budget factor. You can set out on road trips any moment you wish and you are in total control of your holidays here. It is this flexibility and versatility that makes road trips a fabulous choice.

Explore the less trodden path: Road trips will give you the luxury and freedom to explore the rural areas and the sleepy villages and out of urban hubs where the pandemic is more common.

Personal group: In road trips, you will be travelling with your family or friends whom you know are  tested safe unlike in an airplane where you travel with unknown people. The chances of you coming into contact with outside people is minimum in road trips, except at gas stations and restaurants where you may be stopping.

Exciting: The best thing about road trip is that it is as exciting as the destination. Driving down the leafy venues and enjoying the natural vistas from the safety of your car is the big plus of road trips. You can also choose less crowded and less popular destinations to prevent the risks of contamination.

Now that you have picked up the destination and the route to follow, it is time to pack the travel bags with PPE and travel essentials.

Here are some promotional items that businesses in the travel  niche can consider.


First things first!  Ensuring safety in road trips is of paramount importance. Hand sanitizer has become a must have item for every travel bag. It is the easiest and the most effective way to keep germs away and ensure hand hygiene when coming into contact with shared surfaces. Travel sized sanitizers and carabiner models can be stocked up before your trip.

Wet wipes

Custom wet wipes are useful to wipe surfaces like car door handles and for spot cleaning . Your logo and message imprinted on wet wipes will remain in plain view of your audience during the trip and even after that because wet wipes are useful at home, office and on the move!

Mini Tissue Packets


Everyone needs facemasks during road trip. Whether it’s during a stopover at a hotel, gas station or a restaurant, mask mandate is in force in all public places. Reusable cotton masks are a budget friendly way to stay safe from germs. It can be washed and reused all through the trip. Pack in surplus to ensure a change of masks every time you sweat.

Travel related businesses can handout custom facemasks that are imprinted with their brand and message to ensure a portability curve for their brand while their recipients receive stylish and reusable masks for their road trips and  everyday use.  Choose from tons of different custom logo masks to match your brand and style.

Refresh Microfiber Cooling Masks with Travel Pouch

No Touch Tools

These antigerm utility tools will make a smart way to press elevator buttons,  cash machines , door knobs or ATM pads  on your way- without exposing hands to filthy touch points . Choose from various models and colors.

Freedom Key Stainless Steel No-Touch Tools

 UV light sanitizer phone case

UV light phone sanitizer case  will sanitize not just the phones of your recipients but other small items like keys or coins with UV light. These gadgets will  get charged up while  it cleans.

Printed HD-100 UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity

 Car Organizer

Traveling involves more packing than ever. A custom car organizer will help your recipients to get everything  organized. With an easily accessible  large open storage compartment,  these will make road trips hassle free by ensuring easy access to stuff they may need on the go. Your logo and message will turn out to be the best travel companion for everyone in the vehicle.

Life in Motion Primary Cargo Box

Tire Gauge

Ending up with a flat tire on a holiday trip is the last thing anyone like to happen. This custom tire gauge will not just help your recipients  read the tire pressure but it has other safety items like seat-belt cutter, and window glass breaker as well to tackle emergencies.

 Imprinted Safety Digital Tire Gauge Tools

 Bluetooth Speakers

No road trip can be complete for holiday makers without cranking up their playlist. Waterproof Wireless Speaker is a great choice to keep the music fun on even when it is drizzling. Put your logo across the speaker front with full-color printing to make your message well received!

Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers


Branded insulated tumblers will enable your prospects to enjoy their favorite beverage hot or cold as they wish. Most models have spill proof lid and skid resistant base that will make these a perfect choice for  the rough rides on the bumpy country roads.

 Printed 20 Oz Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumblers


You cannot afford to overlook the sun protection item of sunscreen in any road trip.  Handout models  with 30 + SPF factor to keep the skin safe from UV risks Your logo will  be on display every time your recipients reapply it. You can also choose models with bug repellents to make it more useful. Combo models that contain lipbalm and sunscreen is another  trending option.

Printed SPF30 Sunscreen Lotions with Carabiner and SPF15 Lip Balms

Sunburn Alert UV Color-Changing Stickers: Your logo on these handy stickers that will remind the sun loving audience when to reapply sunscreen will get a lot of attention during outdoor holidays for sure.
Custom Printed Sunburn Alert UV Color-Changing Stickers
 Travel Bags

Custom duffel bags and backpacks  make a smart handout  for your recipients. Spacious and handy design featuring many organizational pockets will make a great choice for people on the move There are even models in custom travel bags with media pocket with earbud port or ventilated side pocket suitable for shoes and damp garments. Add your logo to get noticed.

Cutter & Buck® Legacy Cotton Duffel Bags

Browse our complete line of travel gifts to show your appreciation to clients, customers or employees and make their road trips safe and smooth in the post pandemic world.