What Makes Himalayan Tumblers Elegant All Season Gifts

Himalayan tumblers are finely crafted, vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers that bring together craftsmanship and aesthetics in copious amounts. Offered in a wide range of colors, prints and popular sizes, these drinkware items offer something special to your coffee breaks and refreshment experience.


Eye catchy

Offered in a palette of vibrant metallic colors, custom Himalayan tumblers make a great addition to the coffee tables at home or office. It is impossible to resist these well crafted masterpieces that will add a speck of glamour to the coffee breaks. Fashionable  and all-weather, custom Himalayan tumblers make great party favors, fund raising items, promotional swag and more!

This vacuum sealed, BPA free double wall tumbler keep hot beverages piping hot and chilled drinks refreshingly cold for up to 6 hours and will keep it air tight for long-lasting freshness of beverages throughout the day.

Custom Printed 20 Oz Himalayan Tumblers

Popular: Himalayan tumblers hold the rare credit of being one of the most popular customer voted  promotional products in the market. So, If you are looking for a popular handout to invest your marketing dollars, look no further than these attractive metal tumblers

20 Oz Promotional Woodtone Himalayan Tumblers

Shatterproof And Spill Proof – Forget about the messy spills and piles of broken cups! Himalayan tumbler is designed for durability and long term performance and features a heavy duty BPA free stainless steel design. The snap-on, spill-resistant thumb-slide lid with rubber gasket will keep the contents well sealed and spill proof. These tumblers fit most car cup holders and are ideal for travel, outdoor leisure, home or workplace.

20 Oz Speckled Himalayan Tumblers

Great Gifts For Women And Men – If you are often stumped by the challenge of finding a gift that will impress both  men and women all at once, then you have a perfect answer in the form of Himalayan tumblers. Ideal for all your favorite concoctions, from hot tea and coffee to cold smoothies and fine cocktails, this  all-in-one tumbler will never fail to please your prospects!

These tumblers make great party favors, wedding gifts, employee appreciation gifts, promotional swag and so much more. no matter how you wish to exploit the versatility and popularity of these logo items, you are rest assured of  a great marketing mileage with these popular handouts.

Custom Printed Electroplated Himalayan Tumblers

Unique: These tumblers are offered in various popular sizes that will fit the bills of both guzzlers and those with modest hydration needs. Plus you can choose from a wide range of solid metallic colors to camouflage prints and more in Himalayan tumblers to match your theme or the unique preferences of your audience.

10 Oz Himalayan Tumblers

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