Cool Custom  Door Prizes To Drive The Crowd To Your Events

Getting maximum people in the door is the key factor in making any event successful. The best way to drive the crowd will be to offer a cool custom handout for people who show up. It will be a tempting factor for everyone to make an appearance.


Season staples are a rage

 While thinking of door prizes, consider seasonal staples that everyone will be able to use. It will be an incentive for the audience to get to your event so they have a chance to win. Now that the spring and summer season is round the corner, it is time for everyone to plan cookout parties and events and custom BBQ sets, sunscreen, cooling towels are some of the perfect gift choices to consider.

Imprinted 8 Piece BBQ Set

Tech accessories

Technology has attained more significance than ever in the new normal world where people work, shop and learn online. Think of useful handouts like wireless charging pads, wireless speakers, headsets and so on. Your logo and message imprinted on these handouts will remain  in plain sight of your audience even after the event.

Fortune Fabric Bluetooth Speakers

Celebrate happy memories

Create a gift basket with food and candy gifts like chocolates or cookies. Stemless wine glasses , wine bags and wine chillers  are some of the other gifts that the attendees can win .

Custom Printed Chocolate Squares with 24 Molds

 Match with the event theme

If your event has a theme, make sure to find door prizes that complement your theme. It will not just draw people in and remind them of your event long after it is over. For instance, if you are planning a golf event, handouts like polo T shirts, golf balls or golf bags will all make great gift choices.

Men's Puma Golf Essential Polo

Gifts for everyone

Door prizes need not be expensive especially if you expect a large crowd and you have a modest budget. Think of popular gifts like sunglasses, refrigerator magnets, tote bags  and the like, which are high  in the popularity index while being low in their sticker price. These well retained gifts will make lasting reminders of the event and will engage your audience with your message in a light hearted way.

Metrohip Shopper Double Handle Non Woven Tote Bags

Cool promotional gifts are the main attraction of any fun event as these will pull people in and make your event successful. Have a better idea on custom door prizes that can literally make or break your event? Share it with us on our facebook page to join an interesting conversation.