It is Cool To Promote Your Business With Custom Gel Icepacks

Marketers can literally stay cool even in the heat of competition with custom ice gel packs! These make ideal handouts for clients, crew and customers for businesses in all niches especially in sports, fitness or medical industries.  Ease sore muscles  and bring quick relief with these ready to use custom gel ice packs. Safe to use, non toxic  gel ice packs are available in different shapes and various popular colors to match your promotional theme. It is a must have for the first aid box of every home, car and office for emergencies.


Easy to use and made from the highest quality materials, these reusable custom gel ice packs are safe for refrigeration. Customize these high utility gel packs with your message to earn the undivided attention of your recipients and everyone around.

4 Inch Customized Small Round Gel Beads Hot and Cold Packs

Just imagine the exposure your brand will get during picnics and camping activities, when everyone may feel reassured to have this handy soothing gel in their travel bags. Custom ice gel packs often get borrowed in the friends circles, which means that your message will get a wider audience than you think

Promotional ice packs are a subtle and thoughtful  way to engage your audience with your brand by showing that you care. Promote your business or announce a new product launch without being overwhelming with these soothing and high utility handouts that make a welcome addition to every first aid box and auto organizers.

Professional and college sports teams can hand out hot and cold packs with the team’s logo. It will make a great item in the sports bags that will double up as even team spirit items  Medical facilities and gyms can also hand these out to new members and  have these on-hand for any unforeseen emergencies like sprains and injuries.

Heart Shape Gel Beads Hot / Cold Pack

Choose from an assortment of different shapes, sizes and colors to make it align with your brand and product line. We have shapes right from heart shape to soccer ball, stars, fish and a lot more. If you are looking for a budget friendly handout for the upcoming  medical industry trade show , look no further than custom hot and cold gel packs. Light weight and compact, these are easy to distribute in person or mail out  as lumpy gifts if you are hosting the event virtually.

Hot And Cold Wrist Rests

Customize ice gel packs with your artwork, message or logo to kick start the coolest marketing campaign ever. These useful and effective custom ice packs will show your audience that you care and leave a reassuring touch  in them. Hand these out  at your next promotional event and let your prospects turn your brand into their household name.  Browse our complete line of ice cold packs and choose the one that’s perfect for your business and start customizing it today!

 Ultra Soft Hot and Cold Packs

Once you’ve selected your favorite custom gel pack, you can add your customization and check out right here on our website, or you can call to let a trusted customer service rep help you place your order. We will walk you through your order quickly and easily and then make sure your beautifully printed gifts are delivered right when you want these.