Unveiling The Most Effective Promotional Products Under $1

Creating repeat impressions is the basic objective of any promotional strategy. This is what makes custom giveaways a superb choice for marketers. It will get your message across to a wider audience. The more people see your logo, the quicker they recognize the brand.

Choose these unique and practical handouts that will make tangible reminders of your brand.  However, considering the multitude of products on offer,  it may not be easy for marketers to find unique and creative items. Remember that promotional swag need not be budget breaking either. If you thought the most popular handouts are almost always the most pricey, you could be in for a surprise.

So, if you have only a small budget to work with, this post could be of use to you. Don’t let budget get in your way of brand building, because there are tons of budget friendly items that will impress your audience,  while meeting your budgetary needs.

 Here is a quick list of  custom giveaways under $1 that will fit the bills of start up companies and budget marketers alike.

Can coolers

One of the most popular promotional products still in use,  can coolers are indeed something your recipients will find useful. It will keep their drink colder for longer, and eliminate the need for coasters. Easy to customize and available in a wide range of brilliant colors, can coolers can be printed with your logo, artwork and tagline. Plus, every time your recipients uses one, your brand will also reach a wider audience.


The tradition of handing out these classic giveaways of pens will never go out of fashion; considering the incredible popularity that writing instruments enjoy . Budget friendly, practical and available in a wide range of models, pens even offer something special for everyone. It will also get across your message to the users easily, and keep your logo at their finger tips- literally!

In addition,  pens often find multiple owners over the course of  time. Thus it will create the much needed word of mouth publicity for your brand. Choose from a wide range of multifunctional models like stylus pens and highlighter pens, to enhance utility and your brand exposure alike.

Tote bags

Highlight your ecofriendly credentials by handing out these reusable and highly useful tote bags.  Designed to last long and look great, these logo items are something customers can use on a daily basis. Totes can be used for  all the daily errands like  shopping, library trips, school runs or even  weekend holidays. With a large imprint area to exploit, marketers can indeed be their creative best in designing their artwork.

Bottle Opener Keychains

Your customers will surely love this product that they can carry with them stealthily until they need it the most. Moreover, bottle opener keychains make high utility everyday items that keep the keys together and doubles up as a bottle opener when they need a cold drink. Functional and fashionable, these custom giveaways will get a lot of attention during parties, picnics or even a day out with friends. Your logo on these accessories will become part of their partying experience for sure.



Fun and functional alike, coasters will definitely make a perfect choice, if you are looking to promote your food or restaurant brand.  Coasters are effective advertisements because they have a large imprint area perfect for your company logo. Plus , they are available in various models and material choices .  Your recipients will surely love to get coasters as freebies as these will protect their table tops from cup rings and  spills.


Custom printed sunglasses make a fabulous gift choice under a dollar. Plus, who wouldn’t use an extra pair of sunglasses? By printing your logo on these items that people use daily, you can showcase your brand without being overwhelming, or breaking your budget. Further, it could be a fantastic swag for promoting outdoor events  and game days among others.

Besides, your recipients will double up as the walking billboards for your brand every time they wear sunglasses. Ideal for anyone who is on the move, sunglasses are something consumers enjoy receiving and using every day.

Sports bottle

Sports bottles are something that you can give away all round the year, irrespective of the seasons. Highly practical and  environmentally friendly, sports bottles will even ensure incredible brand promotion at one time investment. Easy to customize and highly portable, these sleek water bottles are travel friendly and are perfect for taking along on a bike ride or while travelling.

Lip balm

Get your  brand into every purse and car around town and get incredible  visibility at one time investment, while helping your recipients to deal with the nightmare of chapped lips. Besides, they are fantastic additions to gift bags, holiday giveaways, summer swag  and more! These highly useful giveaways will surely put your brand on their lips- literally!

Reusable stadium cups

Light weight, shatter resistant and trendy,  stadium cups are indeed perfect handouts to promote a team, cause or awareness event among others.  The warm colors will have your brand out for everyone to see, during events and parties. If you are looking for a budget friendly way to share your brand, look no further than stadium cups!

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Leave a smudge free brand image in the minds of your audience, with these high utility cleaning cloths. These microfiber cloths will remove marks and smears without hazardous chemicals or leaving behind scratches. Every time they use these highly absorbent and soft cloth to clean mobile devices, LCD screens, sunglasses or computer accessories, your brand printed  on it will get a lot of attention. If making consistent impressions at one time investment is your objective, you just found the perfect choice in these custom microfiber cloths.


Frisbees will take your outdoor brand publicity to a new high, thanks to the large imprint area perfect for your company logo and artwork . Available in various models and colors, Frisbees will engage both kids and kids at heart with your message in a playful way . Every time they toss these custom Frisbees around, your logo will be noticed by everyone around. It will evoke curiosity in  everyone and will inspire people to explore your brand for sure.

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