Unique Thanksgiving Day Events Beyond Carving The Turkey

Thanksgiving is not all about big fat dinner parties dominated by pumpkin pie and turkey delicacies. It is a perfect time for you to express thanks to  everyone around and make your prospects feel special

Get your prospects well appreciated by drawing up a list of custom giveaways that are interesting and useful alike to make your brand part of the holiday memories. If you are looking for something more value added, here are some tips that will be lauded.

Give back to the community

Inspire your employees to serve the community and participate in a volunteer activity. It could be anything like joining a canned food drive, serving at a soup kitchen, donating clothes or building homes. It is a thoughtful way to celebrate Thanksgiving in its true spirit a apart from ensuring a great exposure for your company.

Sponsor an Event

If you are unable to participate in events, you can even sponsor your own community event. Hold a dinner, carnival, or silent auction and donate the proceeds to a social cause you support.

Collect Donations for a Food Pantry

Many food pantries have had a tough time during the pandemic. Make another family’s Thanksgiving brighter by collecting canned goods or cash donations for your local food bank.

Fun  games and  Competition

Make your Thanksgiving office games more interesting and hotly fought by announcing exciting  prizes for the winners or a donation made in their name to the charity of their choice.

Plan a picnic

Thanksgiving is best celebrated in groups. Pack up the food and take it outdoors for some greet group fun!  Think of cute gifts like recipes in a mason jar for your guests, which will make delightful keepsakes of the day for a long time to come.

Host a Wine Swap

In place of an annual thanksgiving dinner, why not hold a wine swap with your closest friends? Have everyone draw names, then ship their recipient a bottle of wine to enjoy on Thanksgiving. Think of some popular Thanksgiving wine pairings to make it extra special.

Schedule a Virtual Celebration

If you are unable to get together for Thanksgiving, host virtual parties to reach out to our family members. Set a designated time, which will make it easy for everyone to make themselves available for the event.

Turkey Trots

Organize 5K races, which is Thanksgiving tradition for many families. Plot out a route, put on the festive attire to walk or run around the neighborhood. It’s a great way to build up a buzz and  work up an appetite for the feast later in the day!

Organize a Family Football Game

Football is a traditional Thanksgiving pastime. Organize a friendly competition and when the game is over, distribute some delectable snacks  to wind up the day in style. Football themed giveaways will make another prize choice.

Explore our complete line of Thanksgiving custom handouts for fresh ideas. How do you plan to make your Thanks giving events special this year? Share your ideas with us on our facebook page.