Unique Promotional Ideas for Food and Beverage business

Food and beverage business is a highly competitive niche. You need to adopt effective marketing strategies to stand out and grab the attention of your customers. Here are some unique and interesting promotional ideas  for food and beverage business that will help you to be a crowd favorite.


Free Beverage tasting Activity

Are you launching a new beverage label in the market?  Offer free samples to your prospects and let them have a taste of your beverage. You can adopt this strategy during road show activities, beverage launch events or store promotions. Ideal for all types of beverages including wines, cold drinks etc.


 Discount deals

Discounts can turn on the audience and attract them in a big way. It will create a buzz in the market and pique quick interest among the customers. However, discounts are not long term promotional strategies as long term price cuts may lead to low profits and damage the brand image.

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Distribute coupons on street to stimulate consumers’ desire and prompt them to buy. Make sure to include the date, venue and the products available . These tickets will entitle the consumers special prices, “buy one and get one free” deals or something similar. Distribute it in resident community, trade fairs, supermarkets, shopping malls etc where you can reach out to a large crowd. The duration of the event should not be too long and preferably not exceed 15 – 20 days.

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Offer free promotional gifts

Hand out freebies at the point of purchase for the consumers who buy. Some of the promotional items to be considered include coasters, wine glasses, bottle opener keychains and can coolers  among others.

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Free gifts will stimulate the consumers to purchase and develop a psychological preference towards your brand. Use this promotional strategy along with other plans to make it feasible.

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You can also consider other innovative gift schemes. For instance, when a customer buys wine, he can refer a friend for a free wine gift which will be send on the address provided. It will help to enhance your customer base and spread the word farther.

Points redemption

Points  will be accrued on every purchase  and the customers get free gifts or another free bottle of drinks according to different point levels. This type of promotion is suitable for beverages with large sales volume as it will enable you to stimulate a buying impulse.  It is run for short duration to retain the interest factor. It can be repeated after a while, to bring the customers more often to your bars .The basic  purpose  of this strategy is to attract consumers to participate and get engaged with your business more.

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