Easy Tips to Identify Authentic face Masks from Counterfeit Models

Medical Grade  face masks  are made in compliance with stringent world class quality standards. Designed for the front-line health care workers and doctors who come in close contact with the patients of COVID-19, KN95 masks can be life savers.


While 3 ply surgical masks are suitable for the general public  to stay safe from germs.  However with the steep increase in the demand for these masks, many  replicas models are infiltrating into the market much to the dismay of everyone.

KN95 Filtering 4-Ply Respirator Masks

These look alike masks may be deceptively similar in its outward appearance but are not designed to ensure protection and may not be capable to filter germs. So, the only way to stay safe from low quality knock off products is to have a general awareness of some of the unique qualities of these filtration masks  and a  basic understanding of  how it works!

KN95 masks are a critical item in the protective gear toolkit for frontline Covid- 19 personnel and are  designed to ensure a minimum of 95% airborne particle filtration. If you do not have access to quality testing in a laboratory to assess the quality standards of the masks, here  are a few simple tests that can be done at home to tell whether the mask is real or fake.

Breath test

Put on your face mask, activate a lighter and hold it around 6 inches away from your mouth. Try to blow out the flame. If it is a certified mask, you cannot extinguish the flame no matter how hard you try.

Certified lab-tested KN95 masks feature breathable, full mesh nylon which meets stringent standards for inspiratory resistance. It will obstruct the passage of germs and other particles  during  breathing in and out while allowing  air circulation.

Flame Test

Original 3- ply masks do not burn when a lighter is held close to it; while fake models will burn easily.

Standard 3 Ply Face Masks

Sniff test

Put on your face mask and see whether you can make out the flavor of a pack of saccharin in front of you. A certified mask will let in only a faint flavor.

Certified KN95 masks can filter at least 95% of particles sized three microns or larger. Saccharin particles are about seven microns in size, so you may not be able to get its scent fully.

Filtration test

Fill the mask with water and hold it by the elastic bands. Certified masks will hold the water perfectly without letting it leak.

Certified masks must have a waterproof layer to protect the wearer from fluid contamination . If the water leaks through it, this could mean that the masks are not of the requisite official standards.

Facemasks can serve as a protective barriers against fluids  droplet contamination for everyone. However, make sure to use certified, authentic face masks to ensure safety and comprehensive protection.